Lost One Kilogram Overnight But Still Gained Weight

Day 195

Starting Weight: 77.4 kg
Weight Before Running: 79.2 kg
Weight After The Jogging Session: 77.8 kg
Final Weight: 77.6 kg

After having a terrible result of .7 kg of weight gain on Day 194 (a partial cheat day), I was hoping to bounce back. That didn’t transpire. Instead, I gained yet another .2 kg on Day 195.

I started the day drinking eating 3 bowls of soup. I don’t know for sure but suspect that eating 3 bowls of soup may have gotten me off to a really bad start. I was surprised to weigh myself and be at 79.2 kg before running in the afternoon. This was way more than expected, and it was after eating all that soup and couple of other small meals.

By that time, it was going to be very hard to recover and lose weight on this particular day. And I was also very thirsty after the run. So I knew my weight was going to go back up quite a bit. While I did also eat some more after the jogging session, it wasn’t really all that much. But the water and that smallish amount of food took me back up to about 78.6 right before going to bed.

The only thing that kept this day from being a big disaster is that I ended up losing a decent amount of weight overnight. By the time of the morning weigh-in, my weight dropped about one kilogram. Although that is more than average, it appears to have been due to the large water intake after the run. So in that respect, it was not much of a surprise since water is expected to be used up quickly in the body. Now, if the weight increase is due more to food, there is a greater risk that it will be stored in the body for a longer period.

Some of you may find that you routinely drop a kilogram overnight. This could happen if you drink more water than me. If I did drink more water on a daily basis, I suppose my weight lost during sleep would be closer to a full kilogram. But since I tend not to drink too much (especially later in the evening), then my weight lost during sleep is closer to about .6 kg on average.

I discuss weight lost during sleep and why it is important to track in the Pentamize Weight Loss System. This is one of the things that I started to track when developing the system. And it was very valuable in helping me lose about 50 pounds in only a little over 4 months. Needless to say, I highly recommend tracking these kinds of variables and give you full details on how to do it in the Pentamize ebook.

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