Big Day Of Weight Loss While Having The Flu

Day 193

Start: 77.4 kg
Weight Before Run: 78.5 kg
Weight After Run: 77.5 kg
Final Weight: 76.7 kg
Overall Result: lost .7 kg

This turned out to be the biggest day for weight loss that I have had in a while. A huge loss of .7 kg finally put me into the 76 range.

I was sitting at 76.3 kg the morning we left for our 3-week vacation in January. After coming back in early February, I had shot way up to 82.0 kg and 82.8 before finally getting back to my normal diet and exercise routine. Thus, I am almost back to where I was before vacation. And I have lost right around 5 kg from my maximum weight around vacation time. Thus, this recovery period is now a bona fide success even though I have not completely recovered 100% yet.

Although the .7 kg of weight loss today was huge, it was unorthodox. I was still sick. However, I decided that I was just well enough to start exercising again after taking the day off yesterday. Because I didn’t eat much yesterday, I had a small weight gain of .2 kg despite not working out.

There were 2 main differences between today and yesterday. I ate more today, which obviously could have resulted in even more weight gain. But the likely huge difference is that I ran for 90 minutes, compared to no workout at all yesterday. And that was likely the major factor in the large weight loss of .7 kg.

Before running, I had gained 1.1 kg on the day. That is pretty normal. So my eating habits were getting back to normal. After the workout, though, I do believe that I ate less than I normally would. In that sense, the lingering illness may have actually helped me lose weight. Instead of eating, I drank quite a bit of much-needed water, as my body felt dehydrated. That lack of extra food after exercising appears to have been what really helped me.

Now, I am not saying that anyone should starve. I don’t subscribe to that extreme method of weight loss. But it didn’t feel like starving to me. I am not going to force myself to eat something when I am not hungry. And when I just don’t happen to be hungry, I don’t see the since of forcing myself to eat something. Some of my biggest weight loss days occur when I am naturally not hungry. I use that to my advantage instead of eating out of habit. The next day, I am usually hungrier again and eat to quell that hunger.

I’ll make one last point on this. If I have a great day of weight loss, I always make sure not to unintentionally overeat the next day as a reward. As usual, the goal is to eat only so much as is necessary to get through the day based on that day’s energy needs. This is why I don’t eat the same amount of food every single day. I let the situation dictate how much energy I need. And then I eat accordingly. So overeating the next day to “make up for yesterday” is a terrible idea.

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