Days 192 and 193: Trying For 3 Big Days Of Weight Loss In a Row; Illness Sets Me Back

Day 192

Start: 77.3 kg
End: 77.2 kg

The last two days have been amazing. I lost .4 kg on Day 190 and .5 kg on Day 191. That is a total of .9 kg in 2 days. These 2 days followed a very bad break day, where I went from 77.6 to 78.2. So I was able to erase the .6 kg of weight gain in the past 2 days and lose an additional .3.

Things became weird today later in the evening, and I did end up losing .1 kg. But it was a strange day.

I came down with what was apparently some kind of flu bug. My symptoms started out as nausea, and I went to bed a little early. After getting up a couple of times and going to the bathroom with that feeling in your throat like you are going to throw up, I did not actually vomit. Finally, after waking up at 6 in the morning from a gag reflex, I ran to the bathroom and promptly puked 4 times in succession.

As expected, I instantly felt better after puking and went back to sleep. However, my body was suffering from general fatigue after waking up later.

After starting to feel sick, I really didn’t eat much more the rest of the day. I had run the usual 90 minutes earlier. And the end result was a weight loss of .1 kg. After puking and all, I figured I would lose a little more than that. But I possibly would have gained if not for the sickness. So that could be the reason for the smallish weight loss.

All in all, the day did result in the 3rd day in a row of weight loss. However, it was a small amount, not another big one like the last 2 days.

Day 193:

Starting Weight: 77.2 kg
Ending Weight: 77.4 kg
Result: gained .2 kg

On Day 193, as stated above, my body was fatigued all day long. I mostly fell in and out of sleep, and I did not exercise at all. This was an unexpected break day, as there was no way my body was in the proper condition to go on a jog.

The surprising part is that I gained .2 kg. I mean, I didn’t eat much at all. And most of it was fruit. So to gain anything even though it was a break day seemed strange to me. Nonetheless, the most important thing right now is to get to feeling better so I can exercise again. And the .2 kg of weight gain really isn’t that much, anyway. So it’s nothing to get all upset about.

I will see about exercising on Day 194. As of now, though, I’d say it’s about 50/50. I expect to be feeling better. But it depends on how much fatigue and stiffness my body is still experiencing.

All things considered, this sickness has resulted in almost breakeven weight up to this point. Although it may have halted the excellent short-term progress I was making, it’s certainly not a disaster.

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