Days 185 and 186 – Gained .1 KG And Then Lost .4 KG Over 2 Seemingly Similar Days

Day 185

On Day 185, I had my typical diet and exercise. Nothing unusual occurred. I gained .1 kg for some reason, rising from 77.9 to 78.0 kg.

It’s doubtful that I made any serious mistakes. Even when you exercise and don’t seem to overeat, you still gain a little. I am not concerned about it. However, when this does happen, I still try to work out again the next day to make up for it. If you gain weight on one day after making no obvious mistakes, the next day can often be a good recovery day because your body may be primed and ready to lose weight again. This isn’t always the case, as I have often lost weight 2 days in a row. But you want to make sure you are exercising on the days that your body is ready for a good weight-loss swing. And that is often going to be one or two days after gaining a little weight, provided that you did not make mistakes on that day or days.

You have to give your body “room to readjust” and gain a small amount of weight sometimes. But be ready to take advantage when the body is ready to start losing again.

Day 186

Starting Weight: 78.0 kg
Weight Before 90-Minute Jogging Session: 79.2 kg
Weight After: 78.3 kg (not great but not unexpected, as I was tired today)
Final Weight: 77.6 kg

Day 186 is a great example of what I am talking about. After gaining the small amount of .1 kg on Day 185, I came back and lost .4 kg on Day 186. A great day followed a moderately bad day.

What was the difference? I have no idea. I ran 90 minutes on both days and tried to watch my diet. To be honest, I even ate some chocolate on Day 186. And I also ran a little more slowly than usual. As stated above, I even lost only .9 kg from the run, compared to my usual 1.2 kg in recent cold months.

The bottom line to this example is that you need to be exercising and dieting on a regular basis. And if you have tracked and optimized your personalized system and determined that you can lose weight if you stick to it, then stick to it regardless of any short-term results. In this case, I only mean like one to three days of short-term results. If you suddenly start gaining weight on a daily basis, make sure you are actually still following your plan first. And if you are, just stick to it.

Caution: I am not saying a good plan will last forever. It could be that you may have to do even more to achieve the same results in the future as compared to the past. This can happen after losing a lot of weight initially or as your metabolism or other body processes change over time. That same one-hour exercise routine might have to be bumped up to a little more. It depends on your personal situation, so generalizing here is not good. The crucial lesson I learned when developing my Pentamize system is that your plan must be personalized. About the only thing you can generalize is that diet and exercise are usually important components of a weight loss system. Other than that, though, everything depends on your personal situation.

Comparing Weight Loss From Exercise In Cold And Hot Weather

Day 184

Starting Weight: 78.4 kg
Weight Before Running: 79.5 kg
Weight After Running: 78.3 kg
End Weight: 77.9 kg
Result: lost .5 kg (more than a pound today)

Today, I ran for only 75 minutes, which was my original plan well before the run even started. Yesterday was a rough but very successful day, with my heart rate at 156 at the end of the session. Today was also a bit slower at the end. However, I did speed up the last few minutes and was at 148. Still, that’s much lower than yesterday.

It could be because the weather is starting to warm up here finally. But I also had another good weight loss during the workout. It was 1.2 kg for the 75 minutes, which is what I have gotten lately on average when running 90 minutes. And since this was not a particularly hard run, I was a little surprised. But it appears that the change in weather may be causing me to lose more weight during these runs.

Let me compare my results in cold and warmer weather so you can get an idea of how this might affect you. Bear in mind that these results are from Denmark, where it never actually gets hot but freezes for about 3 months. So your own high and low temperatures may cause a different result for you. But the idea here is to give you a sample of what may happen.

Most of my Pentamize tracking so far has been in the spring and summer. And during that time, I lost about 1.5 kg on average on 90-minute runs. Now, after having gone through pretty much a whole winter of Pentamize tracking, I can finally do a comparison. Over the cold months, I have averaged approximately 1.2 kg of weight loss during my 90-minute jogging sessions. In my case, that is about .3 kg less on average in the cold months as compared to the warmer months. That is right around 20 percent less weight loss during the cold months during these sessions.

Don’t confuse weight lost during an exercise session with weight lost over a 24-hour period. These are obviously related but also different. They are not likely to be exactly directly proportional to each other. And they may even differ from person to person, as some people react differently to changes in workout intensity, duration, and other factors.

So while it’s good to note that you may lose a little less when running or working out in the cold, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose less or more weight in each 24-hour period. This depends on so many factors that you will need to test this for yourself. The only point to be made here is that if you do the exact same workout in cold and hot weather, don’t be surprised or disappointed if the amount lost during the session is a little less in the cold-weather sessions. This is natural, and you can still lose weight in cold weather. But you’ll need to track your diet and exercise using my Pentamize system or other methods in order to make sure your overall daily routine is sufficient to achieve the desired results.

1.7 KG of Weight Loss From Running Is Highest In Months

Day 183

Start Of Day: 78.6 kg
Before Run: 79.0 kg
After Run: 77.3 kg (best result in months of 1.7 kg of weight loss)
End Result: 78.4 kg (lost .2 kg)

I had a pretty good run today of my usual 90 minutes. My heart rate was about 156 at the end of the session. I pushed it pretty hard starting with around 10 minutes left and pushed even harder with about 5 minutes remaining.

It’s been a while since I was actually grunting and groaning to finish a run. That’s rare for me these days. But it was hard enough that a few groans came out. Of course, if you are lifting weights and pushing yourself, you may do that on a regular basis. However, my standard workout consists of long nonstop jogging that is designed to take off calories with minimal risk of injury. Thus, I tend to keep it at medium intensity since high intensity is not possible (for me, anyway) for such a long period of time.

My weight went up pretty fast to about 78.3. However, a large part of that was due to water. I was still thirsty and kept drinking more water. This may or may not affect my weight in the morning, as I am hardly going to the bathroom. But I can’t worry about that since this is mostly water weight. That will have to take care of itself since it’s obviously a bad idea to get dehydrated. Although it’s wrong, I sometimes worry about water affecting my weight. But that’s ridiculous. There is no life without water, and water does not make you overweight unless you have a serious medical problem.

By the end of the day, I was up to about 79. So while my weight did increase significantly after the great run result, that is quite normal when you consider the natural result of rehydration. As long as most of it is water and not unnecessary food, then it’s expected that your weight will shoot back up after losing a lot during an exercise session.

My weight dropped by a pretty average level overnight, hitting a 78.4 by morning. So overall, I lost .2 kg on this fine day. It would be nice to do a little better than that after the great run. However, these are 2 different metrics. On average, more weight lost during exercise will probably result in more weight loss in that same 24-hour period. Nonetheless, you can never predict what will happen on a particular day unless you starve yourself. I would not recommend that since you may just rebound by overeating the next day, anyway.

Tomorrow will probably be a 75-minute run. And it will be back to medium intensity the whole time. My body probably can’t handle what I just did today at the end of the jogging session.

Strange Workout Result And Slight Weight Gain

Day 182

starting point of 78.4 kg
79.2 kg before a 60-minute jog
78.8 kg at the end (something strange about that number)
78.6 kg (did very well on diet but still gained .2 kg after that strange workout result)

After the long 2-hour jog yesterday, it was time to scale it back a bit. I did that by running only 60 minutes.

My one-hour run was not particularly fast and not particularly slow. It was raining again, which, like yesterday, slowed things down a bit because of the water puddles. However, I certainly kept up a decent pace.

I don’t understand the results that I got from this run. After starting at 79.2 kg, I only dropped to 78.8 kg. That is only .4 kg of weight lost during a one-hour run. This is very odd and seemingly too low. Sometimes, when this happens, it’s because of the inconsistency and imperfection of a bathroom scale. However, I didn’t even see any evidence of that because I weighed myself multiple time and also weighed again after eating. And it appears to be at least close to correct. And there is just no way I can understand this. Even on fairly bad days, I tend to lose .8 kg or so in 60 minutes of running.

Diet wise, I did fine today. My weight only rose to something like 79.3 after the run, which ended up at 78.8. Since I was 79.2 before the run started, that means my diet was just fine since the starting weight for the day was 78.4 kg. A rise during the day of .9 kg before running at night is good. However, on this Day 182, that strange result of .4 kg did me in. I was not able to lose enough weight, seemingly because of that. In the morning, my official weight was 78.6 kg. That is a weight gain of .2.

So for the last 3 days, I have still lost .4 kg overall. When looking at it that way, this is a good trend. It’s only disappointing because of today and its very strange results for the exercise session.

To make up for today, I’ll need to run 90 minutes tomorrow. And tomorrow will be successful as long as I don’t gain weight. Even a breakeven day would not be that bad. Of course, I would like to lose a little and will try to do that with a 90-minute run and reasonable dieting. The point here is that I never assume that one bad day will immediately result in a good day the next day even if I try hard and stick to my plan. Sometimes, you can have 2 or 3 bad days in a row even if you don’t cheat on your weight loss system. I expect to do well tomorrow, but I am not dead set on it since a temporary failure through no fault of my own would not be good from a psychological standpoint. I do my thing and let the results take care of themselves over time.

Good Overall Results With My First 2-Hour Run

Day 181

Yesterday was good because I got back on track by losing .2 kg. That stopped a downswing, and my body is also feeling pretty good. My right knee isn’t hurting much now, so the only nagging pain is one toe. And pain in one toe is not going to stop a motivated person from exercising.

I started flirting with the idea today of running for 2 hours when my weight unexpectedly went way up earlier in the day. It’s not clear to me, but I shot up all the way to 80.5 kg from the start of 78.8. I have no idea why I gained that much weight during the day. But it seemed like the only thing I could do is to go out and pretty much run longer than I have ever run before.

One day, I did run 10 miles just for the heck of it. And I finished that a little before the 2-hour mark. Thus, I have never actually done a full 2 hours since starting the Pentamize tracking system. My run did end being a complete 2 hours today.

It was also raining pretty much the whole time. But I was so far away from home that there was no turning back, anyway. So I just kept on running.

The results of the weight loss during the run were actually pretty disappointing. According to my scale, which is close but not always perfect, I lost only 1.5 kg. That is something that I have often done in 90 minutes. However, I have been averaging about 1.2 lately during this colder weather. So the 1.5 is not totally surprising. My feeling was that it would be a little more than that. But this may have been the result of the fact that I slowed down multiple times due to avoiding water puddles.

The sidewalks are great here for running all over town. However, like many sidewalks, they are a little uneven, resulting in quite a lot of water puddles when it rains. It’s not fun at all running through water, at least for me. So I try to avoid the puddles, and that did likely slow me down quite a bit today.

Whereas my weight lost during the run was a bit of disappointment, the end result was just fine. By morning, I had lost .4 kg. After the run, I only had a small amount of food and had some water. By the morning weigh-in, I had dropped to 78.4 kg. So that was a drop of .4, from 78.8 to 78.4.

Going into tomorrow, I am thinking of running one hour. Although 2 hours was not actually that difficult, there is also no way that is happening 2 days in a row. It’s time to slow down some.