Weight Loss Tip: Not Eating When You Are Moderately Hungry

Day 190

Start: 78.2 kg
Weight Before Exercise:: 78.8 kg
Weight After Exercise: 77.6 kg
Final Weight: 77.8 kg
Result: lost .4 kg

After the disastrous break day yesterday, which saw a gain of .6 kg, I had a good recovery today. My final weigh-in saw a loss of .4 kg. This was after another 90-minute running session.

As far as diet goes, I ate a little bit less than what I would have wanted. At about 8:30 at night, I was moderately hungry but certainly not starving. And I decided not to eat anything else the rest of the night.

It’s true that the term “moderately hungry” is very subjective. I can’t put an objective number on such a phrase. The point here is not to give you a precise scientific tip for weight loss because this area is just too subjective. However, there is a tip in here that you can try to iron out for yourself to help lose weight.

The idea is to first categorize how hungry you are and also to consider how much energy you realistically need at a particular time of day. If you are starving and know you have to eat something, then eat when you know it is necessary. Just try to be careful not to eat more than the amount of energy you will need until the next time you eat.

However, there will be times when you feel that you are moderately hungry but definitely not “starving.” This is the time when abstaining from eating can be the difference between gaining and losing weight or at least breaking even. This is what happened to me last night. I considered myself moderately hungry and certainly would have felt good eating a little more. But it was the perfect time to abstain from eating because I was going to sleep soon, anyway.

Sleeping soon means you don’t need much energy since you are just going to be sleeping. The added benefit is that eating at night can be bad in general, anyway. So as long as you are just moderately hungry at night, that is often going to be just the right time to say “no” to the food.

I have certainly had my share of midnight snacks. And we all know they probably are not good for your weight loss or maintenance efforts. It was during my Pentamize full weight loss mode that I started to consciously employ this method. I would gauge whether I was truly hungry or had a slight hunger pang. If I had a slight hunger pang earlier in the day, I would often have a small snack since more energy would be needed to get through the rest of the day. But if it was close to bedtime, I would abstain from eating if having only a slight hunger pang. This was easier to do since I wasn’t going to need energy to sleep. And to add to that, I would also sleep early at times.

So consider how hungry you are and the time of day and how much energy you need the rest of the day when deciding when to eat or not eat. Everyone has a different time schedule and different subjective feelings of “moderately hungry.” So there is no precise formula that can be drawn up here. The best that I can say is to use these two main factors and at least sometimes decide not to eat when you realize that it is not necessary.

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