First Break Day In Weeks

Day 189

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, it was high time to take a break today. My body was not feeling good during yesterday’s 90-minute run. It was bad enough that I actually decided during the session that there was no way I was going to work out today.

The run was not of the high-intensity variety. So I don’t know why my legs were hurting so much. It may have been the wind that got to me, as it was blowing pretty hard. Realistically, though, it’s way past time to take a break. It’s been long enough that I don’t even remember when my last break was. But it has been somewhere around 3 weeks.

After a moderate weight loss yesterday, my expectation today is to gain a little. This happens on almost every one of my break days, so it’s an easy prediction to make. Short of starving, I just can’t maintain my weight without exercise. Months and months of Pentamize tracking has proven this for me. Of course, some people don’t have to exercise to maintain their weight. But if you are reading this blog, there’s a pretty good chance you are not one of those people unless you are just reading for general information.

Things are going even worse than expected. I was doing okay, but by 8 at night and trying to limit my food intake, I was up to 79.3 kg. This is a disaster. The only thing I can do now is go to bed early and hope it burns off during sleep. I was not going to starve. That’s for sure. So I have to accept this result and get back to work tomorrow.

I tried my best to get some extra sleep, and some of the weight did come off. However, a lot of it appeared to come off due to urination. I couldn’t really sleep at 9 at night. So I would lie there a while, get up and go to the bathroom, and then lie down again. But I probably didn’t actually sleep until after 11.

Before finally falling asleep, I had weighed myself again 2 times just to see what was going on. I dropped to about 78.9 quickly and then 78.7. So I was expecting to drop a lot more overnight. But that initial drop must have just been short-term water loss, as my weight didn’t drop much while sleeping. I weighed in in the morning at 78.2 kg.

The frustration with break days continues. I understand gaining some weight with no exercise. But even without grossly overeating, every break day is a potential disaster. There is no ready way to explain this, and I think it’s just part of my life that exercise is necessary. It gets tiring at times, but things could be far worse. At least the exercise does work as part of my overall weight maintenance plan.

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