Roller Coaster Ended In Small Weight Loss

Day 188

Beginning Weight: 77.7 kg
Weight Before Running: 78.8 kg
Weight After Running: 77.0 kg
Final Weigh-In: 77.6 kg

Yesterday was a little disappointing but not too bad. I gained .1 kg. Today is important because I need to try to get back on track. However, overall, things are really progressing nicely in this recovery period. I have now had a few days in the 77 kg range after hitting a max of 82.8 from the vacation period. So I have now lost about 9 pounds since the middle of February, which is when I finally got back to my normal diet and exercise regimen. That is about 9 pounds in roughly 6 weeks.

A figure of 9 pounds in 6 or 7 weeks is well within a reasonable range. There’s certainly no race here, and that is over a pound a week, anyway.

One of the things I have always noticed since creating my Pentamize system and even before that is that it’s really easy for me to gain weight and not easy to lose it. And it takes much longer to lose the weight than to gain it. Take my recent vacation. I put on about 12 pounds in 3 weeks. Now, compare that to my recovery period. It’s now 6 to 7 weeks, and I have lost about 9 pounds. That 9 pounds of weight loss is still lagging the 12 pounds of weight gain even though it’s twice the amount of time. So my past observations are holding up yet again. It’s easy and fast to gain weight and much harder and slower to lose it.

I had a crazy roller coaster ride today as far as weight goes. First, the 90-minute run produced great results. I dropped 1.8 kg, which is the most in several months. I did have 1.7 a couple of days ago. The early spring weather is definitely making me sweat more. I can feel it on my skin by the end of a run, mainly because it causes my shirt to stick more.

Despite the great run result, I had a gob of water and went all the way back up to about 78.5 kg pretty shortly after the exercise session was over. Then, the roller coaster continued into the morning. I dropped dramatically overnight and ended up hitting 77.6 kg. That made for a nominal weight loss of .1 kg. So the 24-hour period ended well despite the roller coaster.

It’s about time now for me to a take a break day. My body was just crying to stop for about an hour during that run. I managed to keep going by slowing down a little. As usual, though, I don’t slow down so much that I lose the benefit of the run. In my experience, walking even for 90 minutes doesn’t do much for me. So it has to be jogging if benefit is to be expected, at least for me. This is why I kept going at a slow pace, but definitely at a jogging pace.

Tomorrow will definitely be a break day, and it’s just not time to think about whether I gain a little weight. The goal is to watch my diet closely and try not to overeat. However, there are no plans to exercise because my body needs it badly now.

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