Example Of Why I Am Always Checking My Weight

Day 187

Beginning Weight: 77.6 kg
Weight Before Run: 79.1 kg
Weight After Run: 77.7 kg
Final Weight: 77.7 kg

After a great weight loss of .4 kg yesterday, I think it’s time to slow down. This will definitely not be a cheat or break day, though. I think I’ll run for only 60 minutes and see how things go.

I wrote the first paragraph above earlier in the day. But when checking my weight before the run, I was kind of surprised to see that my weight was 79.1 kg. This prompted me into a decision to go back to my normal run time of 90 minutes.

This situation is a perfect example of why I am constantly checking my weight. If I had not done that, the day likely would have been a disaster. As it turned out, I still ended up gaining .1 kg on the day. But that is very minimal weight gain and nothing to worry about.

What would be troublesome for me is only checking my weight once a week like a lot of people recommend. I don’t know who comes up with such advice. But it doesn’t seem to be something from the real world. I don’t just check my weight daily. I check it more than once every day. The last time I went weeks without checking was my vacation, and I gained 12 pounds. Now, most of that was because I was not following my plan. So all of that weight gain was not due to not checking my weight on a regular basis. It was due to the natural tendency to cheat on your diet and exercise regimen because it’s hard to keep up the same schedule on vacation. Nonetheless, is anyone going to argue that not weighing in actually helped me? Look at today. I almost certainly would have gained more weight if not checking before my exercise session.

You brush your teeth every day (presumably more than once), you wash yourself every day, and you do other necessary things every day. Weighing in is one of those things. You are just adding one more thing to the list. Today’s example shows how it can help you decide how long you need to work out.

Someone tried to tell me there is no reason to weigh in on a daily basis. Yet, he is not overweight and does not get overweight. Meanwhile, I am the one who had just recently lost about 60 pounds. I don’t get my Pentamize techniques from reading other books. I got them from my own real-life testing and successful weight loss. I don’t need someone who doesn’t even have a weight problem try to tell me how to lose weight when I have already done it. The more you monitor yourself, the more you know when you can eat less, eat more, exercise more, or exercise less. Only if you have some kind of serious OCD problem would you possibly have to abstain from daily weigh-ins. The truth is most information on weight loss is garbage. Telling people with a weight problem to weigh in only once a week is the height of stupidity. Sometimes, the truth needs to be told in a harsh way. And this is one of those times.

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