1.7 KG of Weight Loss From Running Is Highest In Months

Day 183

Start Of Day: 78.6 kg
Before Run: 79.0 kg
After Run: 77.3 kg (best result in months of 1.7 kg of weight loss)
End Result: 78.4 kg (lost .2 kg)

I had a pretty good run today of my usual 90 minutes. My heart rate was about 156 at the end of the session. I pushed it pretty hard starting with around 10 minutes left and pushed even harder with about 5 minutes remaining.

It’s been a while since I was actually grunting and groaning to finish a run. That’s rare for me these days. But it was hard enough that a few groans came out. Of course, if you are lifting weights and pushing yourself, you may do that on a regular basis. However, my standard workout consists of long nonstop jogging that is designed to take off calories with minimal risk of injury. Thus, I tend to keep it at medium intensity since high intensity is not possible (for me, anyway) for such a long period of time.

My weight went up pretty fast to about 78.3. However, a large part of that was due to water. I was still thirsty and kept drinking more water. This may or may not affect my weight in the morning, as I am hardly going to the bathroom. But I can’t worry about that since this is mostly water weight. That will have to take care of itself since it’s obviously a bad idea to get dehydrated. Although it’s wrong, I sometimes worry about water affecting my weight. But that’s ridiculous. There is no life without water, and water does not make you overweight unless you have a serious medical problem.

By the end of the day, I was up to about 79. So while my weight did increase significantly after the great run result, that is quite normal when you consider the natural result of rehydration. As long as most of it is water and not unnecessary food, then it’s expected that your weight will shoot back up after losing a lot during an exercise session.

My weight dropped by a pretty average level overnight, hitting a 78.4 by morning. So overall, I lost .2 kg on this fine day. It would be nice to do a little better than that after the great run. However, these are 2 different metrics. On average, more weight lost during exercise will probably result in more weight loss in that same 24-hour period. Nonetheless, you can never predict what will happen on a particular day unless you starve yourself. I would not recommend that since you may just rebound by overeating the next day, anyway.

Tomorrow will probably be a 75-minute run. And it will be back to medium intensity the whole time. My body probably can’t handle what I just did today at the end of the jogging session.

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