Strange Workout Result And Slight Weight Gain

Day 182

starting point of 78.4 kg
79.2 kg before a 60-minute jog
78.8 kg at the end (something strange about that number)
78.6 kg (did very well on diet but still gained .2 kg after that strange workout result)

After the long 2-hour jog yesterday, it was time to scale it back a bit. I did that by running only 60 minutes.

My one-hour run was not particularly fast and not particularly slow. It was raining again, which, like yesterday, slowed things down a bit because of the water puddles. However, I certainly kept up a decent pace.

I don’t understand the results that I got from this run. After starting at 79.2 kg, I only dropped to 78.8 kg. That is only .4 kg of weight lost during a one-hour run. This is very odd and seemingly too low. Sometimes, when this happens, it’s because of the inconsistency and imperfection of a bathroom scale. However, I didn’t even see any evidence of that because I weighed myself multiple time and also weighed again after eating. And it appears to be at least close to correct. And there is just no way I can understand this. Even on fairly bad days, I tend to lose .8 kg or so in 60 minutes of running.

Diet wise, I did fine today. My weight only rose to something like 79.3 after the run, which ended up at 78.8. Since I was 79.2 before the run started, that means my diet was just fine since the starting weight for the day was 78.4 kg. A rise during the day of .9 kg before running at night is good. However, on this Day 182, that strange result of .4 kg did me in. I was not able to lose enough weight, seemingly because of that. In the morning, my official weight was 78.6 kg. That is a weight gain of .2.

So for the last 3 days, I have still lost .4 kg overall. When looking at it that way, this is a good trend. It’s only disappointing because of today and its very strange results for the exercise session.

To make up for today, I’ll need to run 90 minutes tomorrow. And tomorrow will be successful as long as I don’t gain weight. Even a breakeven day would not be that bad. Of course, I would like to lose a little and will try to do that with a 90-minute run and reasonable dieting. The point here is that I never assume that one bad day will immediately result in a good day the next day even if I try hard and stick to my plan. Sometimes, you can have 2 or 3 bad days in a row even if you don’t cheat on your weight loss system. I expect to do well tomorrow, but I am not dead set on it since a temporary failure through no fault of my own would not be good from a psychological standpoint. I do my thing and let the results take care of themselves over time.

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