Good Overall Results With My First 2-Hour Run

Day 181

Yesterday was good because I got back on track by losing .2 kg. That stopped a downswing, and my body is also feeling pretty good. My right knee isn’t hurting much now, so the only nagging pain is one toe. And pain in one toe is not going to stop a motivated person from exercising.

I started flirting with the idea today of running for 2 hours when my weight unexpectedly went way up earlier in the day. It’s not clear to me, but I shot up all the way to 80.5 kg from the start of 78.8. I have no idea why I gained that much weight during the day. But it seemed like the only thing I could do is to go out and pretty much run longer than I have ever run before.

One day, I did run 10 miles just for the heck of it. And I finished that a little before the 2-hour mark. Thus, I have never actually done a full 2 hours since starting the Pentamize tracking system. My run did end being a complete 2 hours today.

It was also raining pretty much the whole time. But I was so far away from home that there was no turning back, anyway. So I just kept on running.

The results of the weight loss during the run were actually pretty disappointing. According to my scale, which is close but not always perfect, I lost only 1.5 kg. That is something that I have often done in 90 minutes. However, I have been averaging about 1.2 lately during this colder weather. So the 1.5 is not totally surprising. My feeling was that it would be a little more than that. But this may have been the result of the fact that I slowed down multiple times due to avoiding water puddles.

The sidewalks are great here for running all over town. However, like many sidewalks, they are a little uneven, resulting in quite a lot of water puddles when it rains. It’s not fun at all running through water, at least for me. So I try to avoid the puddles, and that did likely slow me down quite a bit today.

Whereas my weight lost during the run was a bit of disappointment, the end result was just fine. By morning, I had lost .4 kg. After the run, I only had a small amount of food and had some water. By the morning weigh-in, I had dropped to 78.4 kg. So that was a drop of .4, from 78.8 to 78.4.

Going into tomorrow, I am thinking of running one hour. Although 2 hours was not actually that difficult, there is also no way that is happening 2 days in a row. It’s time to slow down some.

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