Tips On How Not To Reward Yourself Too Much After Achieving a Goal

Day 180

On Day 180, I had a pretty typical day that consisted of a 90-minute run. And I lost .2 kg. That dropped me from 79.0 to 78.8. However, this was a very important loss of .2 kg because of a recent slide.

Let me recap the story of reaching my short-term goal and then falling for a couple of days. This can be very important because you want to make sure that achieving a goal is not too much of an excuse to reward yourself. It’s possible to reward yourself too much because it’s natural to celebrate once you reach a particular goal. I have one big tip that helps me avoid this. However, I have to still maintain a reasonable amount of discipline.

3 days ago, I met my short-term goal of hitting 78.8 kg. This took a while. But I am fine with that because my average is still a little more than a pound a week during this vacation recovery period.

I actually did not reward myself much at all this time. And the reason for that is that my body felt fine after hitting that goal. So I decided to run 30 minutes the next day instead of completely taking the day off. Yes, I did gain a little weight that day. But it was only about .3 kg.

The danger is reaching a goal and taking a combined cheat and break day. By that, I mean not exercising at all plus eating whatever you want on the same day. These are the days that absolutely destroy my weight loss or maintenance. So what I like to do is to either work out if I am going to cheat or don’t cheat if I am not going to exercise. So I may have a cheat day or a break day, but not both at the same time. Rewarding yourself by doing both could be a complete disaster. I hope this tip will help you avoid that disaster. Just either don’t cheat on your diet or cheat but at least exercise to reduce the negative effects of cheating.

When you reach a short-term goal, it’s okay to reward yourself in some way. But just like you need to eat in moderation for your diet, you also need to reward yourself in moderation. If you know that taking 2 days off is usually going to cause you to gain 2 pounds, then that’s probably overkill on your reward. So at least follow my above tip and don’t cheat and take a physical rest at the same time. I literally gained close to half a pound PER DAY on my recent vacation, which was 3 weeks. That is a lot of struggling to get back. I am doing it. But there was so much cheating and so little exercise that I am having to work my butt off to recover. This is not where you want to be unless you really love exercising and dieting.

In short, it’s good to set short-term goals. But also be aware of how you reward yourself. That way, you can motivate yourself to achieve a goal but not destroy your progress once you get there.

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