Ran 30 Minutes Instead of Total Break Day; Gained a Little Weight

Day 178

Starting Weight: 78.7 kg
Weight Before 30-Minute Run: 79.2 kg
Weight After Run: 78.9 kg
Final Weigh-In: 79.0 kg

Since I finally reached my short-term goal yesterday of hitting 78.9 kg to take a break, this was supposed to be a complete break day. However, I ran 60 minutes 2 days ago and 75 minutes yesterday. This was enough for me to feel a little better physically. So I decided not to take a complete break day since my body didn’t really need it. However, I did decide to run for only 30 minutes.

Today’s 30-minute run was a pretty typical pace for the most part. I did speed up quite a bit the last 5 to 8 minutes. So my heart rate actually ended up being 156 at the end. That is a high number. However, it was a pretty short period of time. As a result, I ended up losing only about .3 kg.

It’s pretty disappointing that I gained .3 kg today. I figured I might gain a little because of the shorter run. However, this was supposed to be a complete break day. I can only imagine how bad it would have been if not for the 30-minute run. It certainly might have been an even worse result. However, when you get a daily result that you don’t like, check the recent trends instead of being upset about it. In this case, I lost a large .5 kg yesterday. So today’s gain may just be a natural fluctuation due to yesterday’s big loss.

Although you can’t predict when, it is certainly predictable that you are not going to lose weight every single day. Even when you work out hard, you will occasionally gain some weight. In my Pentamize full weight-loss mode, the numbers became clear over time in terms of how weight fluctuations occur even on hard workout days. In fact, I did gain weight a certain percentage of the time on 90-minute run days. Get my book if you want to see my exact results.

I will tell you that the numbers of days I gained weight on these hard workout days was definitely far less in terms of percentage than the days of weight gain when I worked out less than 90 minutes. In other words, longer workouts did mean more weight loss over the course of time. However, that average weight loss did not prevent some bad days from happening even on my longest workout days. I don’t even know if it’s healthy to try to lose weight every single day. It might not even be a good idea. If you are staying hydrated, there’s a chance your body will retain a lot of the water on certain days, causing you to gain weight. This is not even bad weight gain and is just temporary body responses.

If you learn nothing else from this blog, it is important to learn one major lesson. And that is to track everything on a regular basis so you can find out what works for you. And when you have a bad day, keep up your routine while maintaining confidence that a bad day is just a temporary thing that is going to reverse itself as long as you put the work in.

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