Finally Reached My Short-Term Recovery Goal; Why I Exercise Almost Every Day

Day 177

79.2 starting weight
79.5 weight before exercise session
78.2 (after only 75 minutes of running)
79.4 after eating everything and 79.2 before bed
78.7 at the final weigh-in

The last couple of days, I decided to slow it down a little on the exercise. My run was 60 minutes yesterday and 75 minutes today. Ironically, I finally reached my short-term goal when reducing my workouts.

Whereas others might just take the day off completely, one key to my success in weight loss and maintenance is understanding my body’s reaction to break days. To put it bluntly, I gain weight on almost every single break day that I have tracked during my Pentamize tracking history. This is why I just exercise less when I get tired instead of taking a complete break day. I know my body because of my Pentamize tracking system. I don’t know why I gain weight on almost every single break day. But I know that I do. And that is the starting point for creating the necessary lifestyle change. This is why tracking may be the ultimate key to your success. You have to know your body and how it reacts to different situations.

No expert can tell you exactly what to do unless they know your tracking history. Be very wary of any company or person that says a specific diet or exercise works. Nothing works for everybody. You’ll need to put in some work and learn your own body’s tendencies in order to create the crucial lifestyle change it takes to lose weight.

The fact that I lost weight and reached my short-term goal after reducing my exercise duration is an example of how anecdotes can really throw you off in life. Whether you believe in man-made global warming, you have to know that one hot summer or mild winter means nothing. The same goes with tracking. I slowed down and ended up losing .7 kg over the last 2 days. But is that because I slowed down? Well, I have tracked for months and can tell you that running for 60 or 75 minutes certainly has not resulted in more weight loss than 90 minutes. In the short term (as in just a few days of tracking), you could even see a break day or a workout of 30 minutes show more weight loss than a one-hour workout. But those are generally just anecdotes that are misleading? I realize this is an extreme example. But do you really think that break days are going to result in more weight loss than one-hour workouts? Probably the only way that is going to happen is if your exercise causes you to get so hungry that you drastically overcompensate by overeating.

So while it’s possible for an individual to do that, the typical person is going to lose more weight by exercising more. Don’t let tracking of a day or even 4 or 5 days mislead you into a faulty conclusion. Track every day the Pentamize way until you understand what diet and exercise routines are going to help you achieve your goals.

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