A Word On Exercise Crazes And Fad Workout Routines

Day 176

Starting Weight: 79.4 kg
Ending Weight: 79.2 kg

Today, I had a running session of only 60 minutes. As opposed to yesterday, I did pick up the pace at the end. However, that was only about 7 or 8 minutes of really hard running. And my heart rate was still only in the range of about 125 to 130 at the end. That was lower than I was expecting. Nonetheless, it was a good workout for one hour, during which I lost approximately .9 kg.

My body and mind were just not going to handle 90 minutes today. But my current goal of reaching 78.9 so that I can take a break has still not been met yet. Thus, I can slow down but will not allow myself to take a complete break day. It is possible that I will be able to lose .3 kg tomorrow and finally take that break. However, I am only going to run for 75 minutes. So it might be difficult to reach that goal. Nonetheless, my feeling is 75 minutes strikes the appropriate balance at this time for what I need to do in terms of my body and reaching this short-term goal.

It’s gotten to where I almost like running sometimes. But I still frankly don’t like it that much. It’s just not something that interests my mind. Even after all this time, my only goal remains to lose or maintain weight. And for now, I still need to lose a little bit more. But I have lost about 7 pounds since coming back from vacation. That is roughly a pound a week, which is within the normal range. I like to do it faster, but this is a lifestyle change that I have made. So it doesn’t bother me too much. I talk about this a lot in my Pentamize book.

I have mixed emotions about people who have a need to go to the gym and do some kind of trendy workout craze just to exercise. On the one hand, that can increase someone’s interest level, resulting in at least some exercise. On the other hand, there are at least 2 potential problems with this. The first is that the exercise craze the person is participating in might not be the ideal exercise for weight loss or maintenance. The second is that the intensity level might not be right for that person. In a sense, crazes are the opposite of what you should be doing, which is to individualize a workout plan. A good trainer could do this for you, but you can start out by getting the Pentamize system (my book is offered on the home page).

I have seen some people get great results with Cross Fit or other types of workouts. So I am not saying it can’t work. The key, though, is to determine what works for you. And often, it’s not going to be the latest exercise craze. What will help is finding out what works for you and sticking with that. For me, it’s jogging all the time. For you, it could be running, weightlifting, or alternating among a variety of physical activities.

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