Pentamize Blog – Day 175 – An Update On My Physical (Injury) Condition

Day 175

Starting Weight: 79.5 kg
Weight Before Running: 80.4 kg
Weight After Run: 79.2 kg
Ending Weight: 79.4 kg

Today, I had a pretty slow run. It was certainly much slower than yesterday’s hardcore run. At the end of that session, my heart rate was a whopping 156, which is high for me. But today, it was dramatically down to only about 118 at the end. Yet, my results were still quite good in terms of the weight lost during the workout. It was still around 1.2 kg, which is quite typical recently. Yesterday’s brutal ending segment shot me up to a loss of 1.5 kg during the session. So while it wasn’t as good today, the results are just fine and would not be expected to be as good as Day 174.

My legs definitely felt a lot more tired compared to yesterday. So I just kept a slow pace all the way to the end. In terms of diet, I did pretty well. The only thing that was really disappointing today is that my weight while sleeping hardly went down at all. At bedtime, my weight was approximately 79.7 to 79.9. But even after weighing in later in the morning, I still only dropped to 79.4 kg. This was still a loss of .1 kg for Day 175. But it was just a bit of a downer that my weight didn’t go down more overnight. However, I didn’t drink that much water yesterday. So that may have been the reason for the minimal weight loss overnight. This now makes 2 days of weight loss in a row after the poor gain of .4 kg on Day 173. I am back on track and ready to go.

My body isn’t in the best of shape, but it’s very far from the worst. I don’t have any serious injuries. But at 47, my body does feel older in general. I certainly can’t sprint like when I was 17. However, I can jog for 90 minutes with no problems. Relatively small pain in various parts of my body (I’m talking lower body here since I am not even doing upper-body exercises lately) comes and goes. In particular, my right knee and one toe on my left foot have been experiencing pain. And to be honest, my ankles still hurt a little on a regular basis. None of this pain is preventing me from doing my jogging sessions. Rather, I just slow down when necessary.

My back is not hurting as much as when I was overweight by over 50 pounds. So I have not been using the back bench (incline bench that people also use to do situps) lately. However, I do occasionally feel a little pain in the lower back. It would probably be a good idea to use the back bench a little on a regular basis just to try to maintain a stronger lower back. My experience has been that running, by itself, does not necessarily fix a weak lower back. Stretching it by using that bench seemed to help me a lot. Of course, you’ll need to see a doctor if you have a serious back problem. There are many different kinds of problems, and some could be serious. In my case, it’s just a matter of trying to keep the lower back muscles in shape. So neglecting the back bench is probably not a good idea even though I am still running on a regular basis.

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