How The Hare And The Tortoise Relate To Weight Loss

Day 174

Beginning: 79.9 kg
Weight Right Before Running: 80.7 kg
Weight Right After Running: 79.2 kg
Weight Before Bedtime: about 80.1 kg
Final Weight And Result: 79.5 kg and lost .4 kg

This is the best exercise result I have had in a very long time. I think it may have bee due to the extreme intensity of the last 10 to 15 minutes of the run. Although that doesn’t sound like a long time, you can lose quite a bit of weight in a short period of time when raising it up to high intensity. I have even lost .9 kg before in a 30-minute hard run.

Today was a great single recovery day. This overall recovery period is going slowly but steadily. However, today was the best day. There could be many reasons, as pinpointing exactly why you have a good day is not really possible. What is often easy to do is to determine when you have a really bad day. An example of that was just yesterday, when I ate a bunch of popcorn and chips and ended up gaining .4 kg.

Note: I explain more in yesterday’s blog post for Day 173 that I do often eat snacks. And it’s still possible to lose weight. But I try to keep them to a minimum. Read that blog entry for more details on this issue.

So I completely reversed yesterday’s weight gain by losing the same .4 kg today. And the 1.5 kg of weight loss during the run is the best I have had since coming back from vacation.

Let me talk a little about high intensity and my experience with it. First, I don’t really do high intensity for a few reasons. These reasons might not apply to you. For example, there is more pain involved in high intensity. As a result of the increased pain, you need a really high level of motivation to push through a high-intensity workout if you experience this pain. Perhaps some people can do these high-intensity workouts and don’t have the same experience. Great athletes perform at a high level all the time. So you might like high intensity. But for me, it’s just too hard to do on a regular basis.

Another reason is that I like to keep a pretty steady and consistent schedule. And you just can’t do a high-intensity session every day unless you are a real hardcore athlete. I am not. So it’s not really an option for me.

Finally, even good athletes have more injuries when performing at high intensity on a regular basis. This hurts that whole plan of having a consistently good workout. Once you are injured, then that can mean forced break days that you shouldn’t really be having if you have to lose or maintain weight.

So to put this another way, I am a tortoise when it comes to speed and intensity. But I am a tortoise who gets the job done because I consistently work out, avoiding injury as much as possible by exercising at a reasonable rate. Some hares will beat me, but some will get too tired and quit. Others will get too many injuries. I am happy being a slow tortoise as long as it allows me to lose or maintain my weight.

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