Gained .2 KG After Yesterday’s Loss of .6

Day 169

Beginning Weight: 79.9 kg
Weight Before Afternoon Jogging Session: 80.5 kg
Weight After Running: 79.6 kg
Weight At Bedtime: 80.7 kg
Final Weight: 80.1 kg (gain of .2 kg)

Today was one of the more unusual days in terms of results. I did lose only .9 kg during the 90-minute run. However, it doesn’t seem way out of the ordinary because it was freezing and snowing.

The most unusual thing, though, is that my heart rate was only about 103 at the end of the run. That’s far below my usual mark. I may have run more slowly than expected without realizing. It was certainly slower than yesterday’s rate of about 135 at the end. But I would not have expected such a big difference.

Despite the big difference between 135 and 103 beats per minute, it appears I still had a decent workout. I lost 1.1 kg yesterday and .9 kg today. It is true that .9 is also one of the lowest marks that I have seen on 90-minute nonstop runs since I began Pentamize tracking. But it’s also important to keep in mind that weather may have been a big factor.

For example, to hit the 135 that I hit yesterday, I had a stretch of about 6 or 7 minutes where I ran like crazy for my ability. I ended up having to slow down with about 10 minutes left in the run. So my rate was actually above that 135 during that one stretch. But during this cold weather, the pace has to be quite intense to reach that level. And today, I started out at a pretty slow pace and just kept that the whole time. One of my knees is hurting, and a calf is also hurting. So it felt like time to just take a steady pace and stick with it the whole 90 minutes. With the end result still being a loss of about .9 kg, I am feeling pretty good about that despite the unusual nature of the numbers. I also was not going to run hard today because it was snowing, which is obviously not good weather for a fast run.

My plan is still to work out at least an hour every day until hitting 78.9 kg. And since I hit 79.9 kg, that means about 2 more pounds. Based on my Pentamize tracking history, it could be a day or a week. It’s impossible to say. But coming off yesterday’s weight loss of a big .6 kg, it would not be surprising for the weight loss to slow down for a couple of days. It will likely take me a few days to get down to 78.9 kg. Then, I will take a much-needed exercise break, but only for one day.

To be honest, it seems like I ate way too much after working out today. I just couldn’t stop eating. It was not just from boredom or anything like that. But I body legitimately felt hungry, or at least my brain was saying that. I think this could hurt me. It’s 6:30 p.m. as I write this. As long as I stop eating now, maybe I can avoid a disaster that erases yesterday’s great results.

Let me update this situation. I weighed in at 80.4 kg, which is actually not quite as bad as I thought it was. So I should be okay as long as I limit myself to a small snack before bed, such as a couple of plums and a couple of handfuls of raisins. I might even lose weight again.

Well, I did end up gaining .2 kg. Overeating will do that. But maybe my body needed more food on this particular day because of the big weight loss yesterday. So I am not going to sweat it too much. It’s just time to do another 90-minute run tomorrow and try to reverse this direction into a day of weight loss.

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