Small Weight Gain On Day 167 After a Few Good Days; Big Breakthrough On Day 168

Day 167

Weight At Beginning: 80.4 kg
Weight Before Run: 80.9 kg (potentially wrong)
Weight After 60-Minute Run: 80.5 kg
Weight After Post-Run Bathroom Break: 80.3 kg
Final Result: 80.5 kg and gained .1 kg

Today broke a couple of streaks. First, I have been running for 90 minutes for many days in a row now. It was time to slow down a bit. So I decided to run for exactly one hour. The other streak that was broken was a streak of either losing weight or breaking even for close to a week. I gained .1 kg on Day 167. So although the good streak was broken, it was barely broken because .1 kg is the lowest mark that even registers on my scale.

My 60-minute was not particularly intense. It was around average in intensity and comparable to my speed on most 90-minute runs.

There could have been a problem with the results of my weigh-ins related to today’s workout. Occasionally, the scale seems to be way off. It said that I lost only .4 kg during the one-hour run. Based on months and months of Pentamize tracking, that just doesn’t make sense. So either my weight before the run or after the run appears to have been wrong. I guess it’s not impossible that I could lose only .4 kg in the cold weather for a one-hour run. But it’s very unlikely.

Despite some issues with the weigh-ins, my final weight of 80.5 was about what you would expect. I mostly avoided carbs the rest of the day, and the final result was the same as my post-workout weigh-in. Thus, I had good diet discipline this time.

After breaking even yesterday and then gaining a small amount today, it would be nice to get back on track and lose some weight tomorrow. Of course, nature has to take its course. I can only my part by exercising and maintaining a reasonable diet. My Pentamize tracking has shown periods of breaking even for 6, 7, and occasionally even more days. So it’s not possible to predict what will happen tomorrow.

Day 168

Weight At Start Of Day: 80.5 kg
Weight Before Running: about 81.0 kg
Weight After Running: about 79.9 kg
Weight At Bedtime: 80.4 kg
Final Weight: 79.9 kg
Result: big loss of .6 kg

As I was hoping, today was a big turnaround. I took off .6 kg, which is an excellent drop for this post-vacation recovery period. Even if you don’t have any particularly good days for a week or more, don’t give up if you know your weight loss system has proven to get results before. It’s just a matter of time before you will get a breakthrough day like I had for Day 168.

My 90-minute run was harder in intensity today, which might have helped in losing the weight. At the end, my heart rate was around 135. And that is high for me when the weather is still cold outside. Actually, I had not intended to run harder. And it was not the whole time. What happened was I took a new route and realized I was not going to make it home in time by the end of the 90 minutes. So I high-tailed it and ran fast to try to make it. And it worked. I actually got home a couple of minutes early, and part of the run was grueling. Despite that, the weight loss was still only 1.1 kg. However, by the final weigh-in, I had lost .6 kg. Of course, that is the most important metric.

Tomorrow, the plan is still to run for 90 minutes again. But I don’t want to run fast again. I’ll just take my slow pace of about 5 miles per hour and keep it at that.

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