Huge Loss of .6 KG When Working Out Late At Night

Day 165

Starting Weight: 81.0 kg
Weight Before Running: 81.9 kg
Weight After Running: 80.8 kg
Weight Before Bedtime: about 80.9 kg
Final Weigh-In: 80.4 kg
Result: lost .6 kg

I finally had a good breakthrough on Day 165 and lost back all the weight gained on the Tuesday cheat day. So that means it took me 4 days to recover from that cheat day. I was 80.7 on Tuesday morning. Thus, I lost it all back plus .3 kg more. If you took a cheat day once a week, you would basically risk never recovering. This is exactly why I try to limit cheat days to once or twice a month, but certainly not more than 3.

It should be noted that my weight before running on this day was taken in the evening, as I had to wait until after 8 at night to exercise due to scheduling issues. So after the run, I only ate one small meal and drank coffee. Even with that schedule, my weight before running was lower than most of my days lately when running in the early afternoon. This tells me that I had good diet discipline today. The only way I was going to mess it up was to eat too much after the jogging session. And although I was a little hungry, I did avoid that. Instead, I ate a small meal that was really more like a snack. It was mostly some small meatballs and an apple.

Although the schedule here was not the one I usually follow, it certainly worked out great this time. I lost .6 kg, which would be a great day even in full weight-loss mode. It’s even better in this maintenance phase.

Another likely factor in today’s success was that I completely avoided eating bread and rice. It was definitely a low-carb diet. Although I didn’t count the total carbs (this is not the Pentamize way of tracking), it’s a sure bet that completely eliminating bread and rice helps. Of course, you would ruin that if you eat a bunch of mashed potatoes or something else that is high in carbohydrates.

I am happy with this loss of .6 kg because I seem to be getting anywhere from a breakeven number or a loss of .1 or .2 kg in the past few days. However, these big days do come at random and unpredictable times. Not eating bread and rice may have been a big factor, and it is an important contributor over time, at least in my successful weight loss. But as to whether it was a major factor today, I don’t know that there is any way to tell for sure since one day of results is a mere anecdote. Maybe I just ate less and didn’t realize it since I don’t track every single ounce that goes into my body. Instead, I focus on weighing in at different times of the day to see my progress. That is, I typically weigh myself, not my food. But this is more appropriate when you eat small meals, not big meals.

If you have a tendency to eat big meals and are not careful about how much you eat, then you could end up overeating by accident. That’s why I recommend small meals instead of big ones, at least for Pentamize tracking. I am not making a medical claim here. The point is I learned to eat small meals and lost about 68 pounds doing it, when combined with all the other Pentamize weight loss techniques.

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