Days 163 and 164: More Days With Weight Gain Is Okay In Weight Maintenance Phase

Day 163

Second Day Rediscovering My Key Workout Intensity Trick

Starting Weight: 81.4 kg
Weight Before Running: 81.7 kg
Weight After Running: 80.6 kg
Final Weight: 81.2 kg
Net Result: lost .2 kg

Day 163 was the second day in a row where I consciously sought to slow down and have a less intense exercise session. Yesterday, I still lost 1.2 kg during the run when slowing down. And today, I pretty much did the same, losing 1.1 kg. The weight lost in these 2 24-hour periods was also similar. Yesterday, it was .1 kg, and it was .2 kg today. Thus, even when purposely exercising at a lower intensity, I have managed a loss of .3 kg across these 2 days. An average of .15 kg per day is just fine. There isn’t really much else to report on this today. So I am adding Day 164 into this same blog post. However, Day 163 is further evidence that just slowing down and letting your body work at a more natural and less stressful pace is often exactly what the doctor ordered and may still allow you to lose weight. Of course, this also depends on your particular body, how long you work out, and your diet.

Day 164 is going to explain the concept of why you will have more days with weight gain during maintenance phase, and the fact that that’s actually okay as long as you maintain over the course of time.

Starting Weight: 81.2 kg
Weight Before Running: 82.1 kg
Weight After Running: 80.7 kg
Ending Weight: 81.0 kg
Net Result: lost .2 kg (same as yesterday)

Day 164 has continued a trend of losing .1 or .2 kg every day for the past 3 days. So while it’s not super fast recovery from the cheat day on Tuesday, it is steady recovery. And .2 kg of weight loss is good during a maintenance phase, which is what I am in now. However, I will need to keep up the pace for a while since this is still the recovery period after vacation. So while this is my Pentamize maintenance phase, the fact that it is a recovery period means that most of my days should be producing weight loss.

Conversely, if you are just in normal maintenance phase and have already reached your ideal weight, then you will have more days with a small weight gain since the goal is to break even. Let me give you an example. If you lose .1 kg on a Friday in maintenance phase, it is okay if you have a lighter workout and gain .1 kg on a Saturday. The end result is that you still break even.

The example above is not meant to imply that you should gain weight on purpose. The point is to find the right diet and exercise level that is going to allow you to maintain your weight over the long haul. However, if you find that you start gaining weight again, you may be forced to reinstitute your full weight-loss-mode regimen. Then, once you get back to your ideal maintenance weight, be aware of what mistakes you made before that caused you to start gaining weight again. You may have either started eating too much or exercising too little.

We can all get a little complacent at times. You don’t have to be perfect. I am in recovery mode yet again right now. But it is vital to track your diet and exercise so you can determine how to adjust. These adjustments could be in diet, exercise, or both. It depends on your situation and what numbers you are seeing with your tracking. I have a wealth of information on tracking methods in my Pentamize book, which is available from the home page.

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