How To Work Out Even When Your Body Feels Tired

Day 162

Starting Weight: 81.5 kg
Weight Before Running: 82.4 kg
Weight After Running: 81.2 kg (81.0 after bathroom break)
Final Weight: 81.4 kg
Result: weight loss of .1 kg

After a really bad weight gain on Day 161 (yesterday), Day 162 saw a modest recovery. I did lose .1 kg, and my workout was the typical 90-minute nonstop run. While that is not as much as I thought I might pull off, it’s at least going back in the right direction again.

Today would have been a good day for a hard run, particularly since I gained a huge .8 kg yesterday. Often, I will run hard after a bad day to try to make up for the previous days’ weight gain. However, things didn’t work out that way. My intensity was much less than I had anticipated. But it still didn’t stop me from losing a small amount of weight.

I just felt tired today even though it was good timing to try to recover from a cheat day. When I was writing my Pentamize book during full weight-loss mode, I had many “tired” days like this and had to track everything to make sure my intensity level was high enough. I write in my book a lot that I am definitely a slow runner. However, I have tracked thoroughly to determine the intensity levels that allow me to lose weight, along with intensity levels that are simply too low to achieve results.

Ultimately, you really just have to measure how much weight you are losing during a workout to figure out whether it’s going to be enough to lose weight overall. Alternatively, you can do this with your heart rate. But what I discovered is that everyone has a pace that is a middle ground between totally killing yourself and working out at such a slow or light pace that you don’t get results. Only so many people like high-intensity workouts, and I am not one of them. So the key here is to work out hard enough to get results but not so hard that you have to take excessive break days to recover. And I do mean both physically and mentally.

To put it in a nutshell, you need to slow down if your body is tired. But you need to track using my Pentamize techniques or some other method to know when you are going too slow.

It’s easy to know when you are going too fast because your body will be forced to slow down due to the extreme intensity. But it’s harder to know if you are going too slow. That’s where your tracking comes in. Personally, I discovered that anything above about 4 to 4 1/2 miles per hour can get me some decent results. Even I don’t know the exact number, as that would be hard to determine. But I know if I run 3 miles per hour, I’ll probably not get good results and might even gain weight absent starvation.

What I am saying here is that you need to slow down on days when your body feels tired but you know you need to work out, anyway. However, you can take this so far that you end up wasting your time with a fruitless exercise session. Slow down when you have to. But in the meantime, start tracking your exercise and diet every day to determine what intensity level is too low. You don’t really have to track what intensity level is too high because your body is just going to naturally slow down from exhaustion on its own.

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