Days 159 and 160 – Net Weight Loss Of .3 KG In 2 90-Minute Run Days

This blog post covers 48 hours, which are Days 159 and 160 of my Pentamize weight maintenance blog. So I am getting very close to 6 months of weight maintenance. Over that period, I am up some, from 75.0 kg to 80.7 kg. That sounds bad, but there is a very good reason for this. I was 76. 3 kg when I went on vacation last month. And over that 3 weeks, I shot up and was 82.9 kg a few minutes after getting back and stepping into the front door. So I gained almost all of this week over a 3-week period.

The vacation shows how fast you can fall in a short period of time. It’s not like I want to work out almost every day. I just quite literally have no choice. This is especially true in a recovery period, as you want to get back down to a specific target weight after gaining some. And in this case, I am trying to get back down to 75.0 kg.

I am slowly progressing in this current recovery period. Day 160 is the first day getting below 81.0 kg. Over the course of Day 159 and Day 160, I lost .3 kg. However, Day 159 was actually a slight losing day, with a weight gain of .1 kg. Then, I made it all up with a nice loss of .4 kg on Day 160. Below are my numbers on these two days when looked at separately.

Day 159

Starting Weight: 81.0 kg
Weight Before Run: 81.5 kg
Weight After Run: 80.5 kg
Final Weigh-In: 81.1 kg
Result: gained .1 kg

Day 160

Starting Weight: 81.1 kg
Weight Before Run: 81.7 kg
Weight After Run: 80.4 kg
Final Weight: 80.7 kg
Result: lost .4 kg

I ran 90 minutes on both of these days. You might be surprised at the big difference. If you are new to Pentamize tracking, just know that this is not really surprising at all. There are good days, bad days, and breakeven days. And overall, you can’t usually predict what is going to happen on a particular day. The best you can do and all that is really important is to find a system that lets you lose or maintain weight over the course of time. You could even go a week and gain a small amount of weight on a good weight loss system. But it’s unlikely that you would gain over 2 or 3 weeks. That is the point when you would want to consider modifying your system in some way and tracking that change. When tracking my diet and exercise, I have never seen a period of 2 or 3 weeks of gaining weight as long as I was not cheating and continued to follow the plan. Of course, I did not follow my proven plan over vacation. And that is what resulted in that huge weight gain over the course of 3 weeks.

In short, don’t be alarmed by a small weight gain over the course of a week or less. But if it gets much longer than that, you could have a problem with your diet and exercise. Start tweaking some things and see what kind of results you start getting. As always, track daily so you can analyze all the numbers and date more deeply than if you do only an occasional weigh-in.

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