Complacency Has No Place In Weight Maintenance

Starting Weight: 81.7 kg
Weight Before Afternoon Exercise Session: 82.2 kg
Weight After Session: 81.2 kg
Weight At Bedtime: approximately 81.6 kg
Final Morning Weigh-In: 81.0 kg

After two disappointing days, I just had a huge breakthrough. My weight loss on Day 158 was an excellent .7 kg. That is over 1.5 pounds. The goal now is to not spoil it by getting complacent. Complacency just doesn’t have its place in weight maintenance.

We all slack off at times. My recent 3-week vacation is a good example. I gained almost 6 kilograms. Now, that is a certifiable failure. But by complacency, I mean getting into the mindset that you can relax for a while. If you have recently been losing weight, slowing down a little might allow you to maintain. But having already reached a maintenance level, this kind of complacency is actually worse than in full weight-loss mode. The reason for this is that you don’t have room to relax if you are already going at an average pace to maintain your current weight (not lose). A good day like I had on this Day 158 is just that – one single good day. It’s a good cause to internally celebrate but not a reasonable invitation to slack off. Otherwise, you could just gain it all right back in a couple of days or even one day if you pig out or something.

Having established that complacency has no real place in weight maintenance, this does not mean you should never take a break or have a cheat day. That is not what I mean by complacency. Of course, you are going to take a break sometimes to rest your body. And you will have an occasional cheat day, such as on your birthday or a special dinner. But you need to keep up your average diet and exercise on pretty much a permanent basis. So take breaks or cheat days when you really need them. But be very mindful of the average diet and exercise that allows you to maintain weight. Never veer off from that average, or you are likely to gain weight that you had previously lost.

Since your average activity level (both diet and exercise) determine your overall success, this is the prime reason to do daily tracking. This was one of the breakthroughs I made when creating the Pentamize system. You’re basically shooting in the dark and hoping to hit targets blind if you aren’t effectively tracking your diet and exercise. I have argued with people who told me that daily tracking is unnecessary. Well, if you have read this entire blog post, then congratulations. You now should know why it is not unnecessary for people who have a problem keeping off the weight. It might not be a total requirement, but to consider it unnecessary is basically intentionally throwing away one of your most valuable weight-loss tools. Learn to track the way I do by getting the Pentamize Weight Loss System from the home page.

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