“2.5 Pound Test” Yields Bad Results On a Break Day

Day 156

I was not going to take a break day from exercise at all today. But it just ended up working out that way. However, this was definitely not a cheat day.

My child did not go to school, so I was here and taking care of her. So I couldn’t do my usual run since I was the only one to look after her. And a while before my wife came home, I just realized my mind and body were not going to be able to go out and do a running session at 9 o’clock at night. So I took this opportunity to do a test that I had not really done before.

I checked my weight in the late afternoon to early evening and noticed that I had gained about 2.5 pounds on the day due to eating and drinking. Since I had not exercised at all, this kind of gain is not normal. This also includes going to the bathroom during the day, just as everyone does. But the net gain when I checked in the evening was about 2.5 pounds.

Knowing that I was not going to work out, my energy needs were not too high. So I decided to abstain from eating or drinking anything the rest of the day. I wanted to see if I could at least break even after putting on 2.5 pounds. This seemed unlikely, as a good amount of weight loss for me during sleep is about 2 pounds. That is a pretty good day, but it’s often less than that and usually not much more.

The results were not very surprising. After Day 155 (yesterday), I was 81.2 kg. That is, that was my morning weight for Day 156. And when I weighed in the final time for Day 156, I was 81.6 kg. So I gained .4 kg in this “2.5 Pound Test.” I believe some people could break even on this kind of test. But as you can see from the results, it did not work out well for me. And I frankly really just didn’t eat that much.

As I have discovered through Pentamize tracking over and over again, I am just not a person who can maintain or lose weight without exercise. There could be an exception to this. If I were a vegetarian, perhaps I could do it. But I don’t want to be a vegetarian because I frankly love meat. Similarly, I cannot lose weight if I overeat. So I have to sacrifice on both diet and exercise to maintain or lose weight. Doing just one has never worked for me. It is a combination that is necessary, at least in all of the tracking that I have done so far.

It would be nice to at least break even on a break day. And I did that a lot when I was younger. But some time in my 30s, that all changed. I am going to exercise or am going to be overweight. I have not found any other option besides starving, which is not a healthy option and extremely difficult, anyway.

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