Pentamize Blog: Tips For Running Into a Strong Wind

Starting Weight: 81.4 kg
Weight Before Afternoon Jogging Session: 82.3 kg
Weight After Running: 81.1 kg
Final Weight: 81.2 kg

After yesterday’s somewhat surprising weight loss on a 30-minute day of jogging, I am back to 90 minutes today. This was an excellent development, as it let me take kind of a break without gaining weight back. I may take a full break day in a few days. But for now, it’s time to try to keep up the positive progress on this recovery period.

I am still averaging close to a weight loss of .2 kg per day. And yet again, today saw another weight loss of .2 kg.

There were difficulties in today’s run, but it was due to strong winds. This was probably the strongest wind I have had to put up with since developing and using my Pentamize tracking system. It almost blew my skull cap (hat) right off a couple of times. Running against a strong wind is tough. However, I was running in many directions and did not have to run against the wind the full 90 minutes or even close to it. And it was mostly the occasional gust of wind that was hard to endure.

Towards the end of the run, I was not going against the wind and decided to use that to may advantage. I ran almost as fast as I could expect to run for a lengthy duration. For about 20 to 30 minutes, my heart rate was probably close to 145 or so. That is a hard rate for me. If I run only 30 minutes, it’s possible for me to average over 150. However, I am talking about a period of about 30 minutes as part of a 90-minute run. I finally had to slow down with about 15 minutes left because the pace was too brisk for me.

Overall, the wind didn’t bother me much because I just tried to exert the same energy. Generally, this means a slower speed but with pushing the legs a little harder than usual. Although you are running more slowly because of the wind, you can still exert the same energy and burn the same calories by pushing a little harder. I am not saying it’s exactly the same. What I mean is that it’s not going to work if you slow down so much that you are just walking. This is probably not going to give you a good workout. Just make sure you are still in a jogging mode even though it is likely slower than your normal speed.

Today’s results were exactly the same in terms of weight loss during the run as I have been getting on days without much wind. So while this is not exactly the same as counting calories burned, it’s the method I have used since developing my Pentamize method. And there really is no home method I have heard of to accurately measure calories lost during a workout. Apps give you average calories lost by a human being, not your actual calories lost. To learn more about the kind of exercise tracking I do, you can get my Pentamize ebook.

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