Surprising Weight Loss On a 30-Minute Run Day

Day 154

Starting Weight: 81.6 kg
Weight Before Run: 82.2 kg
Weight After Run: approximately 81.6 kg
Final Weight: 81.4 kg

This was an interesting day because I was forced to scale back some on the exercise. As I elaborate on more extensively in yesterday’s blog post, I had quite a hard time on my 90-minute run. So today was the perfect time to reduce the workout session to 30 minutes.

I had a little trouble with my weight scale after the run. But I at least about .6 kd during this shorter workout. That is successful when you consider that my recent weight loss during 90-minute sessions has been 1.2 kg. I did intentionally run faster from the start than average because I knew from the start that the session would only be 30 minutes.

The somewhat surprising result is that I actually a lost a little weight again today despite the shorter jogging session. It’s surprising for a couple of reasons, but there is some history in my Pentamize tracking record that 30-minute runs can sometimes achieve good results.

The first thing that is somewhat surprising with this daily result is that my results have been really bad with anything that is 30 minutes of exercise or less. Even in full weight-loss mode, when I was losing about 2.7 pounds a week, my 30-minute days resulted in net weight gain. The second thing that is surprising is that I drank some fruit (11 ounces) at night and still somehow lost weight on the day. However, it was coconut juice that is 80 percent pure juice. So it did not contain as much sugar or other bad substances as a lot of juice does.

Now, I do have a short history of tracking results of 30-minute high-intensity runs. And I just about broke even on those runs. Of course, this means that I did lose weight on some of those workout days. And I noticed that a really hard run for 30 minutes resulted in a weight loss of about .8 kg on average. And yesterday resulted in about .5 to .6 kg of weight loss during the run. That ended up being a daily weight loss of .2 kg.

In the end, I think I was a little lucky today. My results with 30-minute runs that are much more brutal than yesterday’s session show that even those result in just about breaking even. And yesterday’s run was still in the moderate-intensity range or barely in the high-intensity range if it was. So while I lost weight this time, I wouldn’t expect to lose weight on average. This means I need to get back to 90-minute runs and continue this recovery period, which is going pretty good right now. And my best guess that I am successfully back on track (other than the regular exercise) is that I have cut down on bread and rice (carbs). This is the main difference that I see. I just can’t see myself losing weight or even maintaining unless I keep the carb counts down.

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