Back In Business After Erasing Yesterday’s Weight Gain

Day 153

Starting Weight: 81.8 kg
Weight Before Run: 83.2 kg
Weight After Run: 82.0 kg
Weight After Bathroom: 81.9 kg
Final Weight: 81.6 kg

After gaining .2 kg yesterday, I lost the same .2 kg today. So I avoided a two-day streak of weight gain and erased yesterday’s downswing.

Like I said in the previous blog, my 60-minute run yesterday was a mixed bag in terms of how much exercise was completed. While the duration was shorter, the intensity was higher than usual because of the speed of the last 12 or so minutes. Although that was only 12 minutes, it was a brutal segment that resulted in a total weight loss of about 1.1 kg. I normally have to run almost 90 minutes to lose 1.1 kg in the cold weather. More weight is shed during warmer weather. But lately, 1.2 kg for 90 minutes is pretty much the norm.

Today, I lost 1.2 kg yet again during my 90-minute jog. That compares to about 1.5 kg in warmer weather. I have lost up to about 1.6 in colder weather and about 2 kg in warmer weather.

It was pretty cold and it was also raining during today’s exercise session. It was not pouring down or anything. But there was a consistent drizzle for pretty much the whole run. I don’t whether that had an effect on me physically. But this Day 153 run ended up causing quite a bit of pain. First, my left foot started hurting. This happens from time to time, and I assume it’s just a matter of overworking that body part. Second, my leg muscles were in pain for some reason. So it was harder than usual to finish the run. I was a little surprised to lose 1.2 kg today because the pain made it seem like I was running a little more slowly than usual. But I actually ended up with a heart rate of about 130 to 135 at the end. Thus, despite the pain, my speed was probably close to average even though the pain was greater.

I made a decision right during the session that I was only going to run 30 minutes tomorrow (Day 154 of my Pentamize maintenance mode). My legs were screaming out for a break. Because I am in recovery mode, the idea is to work out at least a little every day. Otherwise, I would just simply take the day off and not work out at all. So the reason for still running 30 minutes is because of this recovery period. My recovery has not been very fast yet, and I just can’t afford to take a break right now. Otherwise, I might jump .6 or even .8 kg in only one day. That would be demoralizing for me. So I am just looking at the possibilities and seeing that a 30-minute medium-intensity run is going to be the correct middle ground for this situation.