Day 152 – Higher-Intensity One-Hour Workout Yields Decent Results But Weight Gain On The Day

Starting Weight: 81.6 kg
Weight Before Afternoon Run: 82.8 kg
Weight After Running: 81.7 kg
Final Weight: 81.8 kg

I ended up gaining .2 kg today. This ends a pretty good weight loss streak. And it happened on a day when I ran for 60 minutes instead of the usual 90.

It would be easy to just assume that I gained a little weight today because I ran less. But in fact, I had a pretty good one-hour run. My weight lost during that exercise session was about 1.1 kg. And I have been averaging close to 1.2 during 90-minute jogs.

The likely reason for the good result is that I ran really fast the past 12 minutes. I was at a point where I knew I was a little bit behind and might not make it home before the end of the one hour. So I high-tailed on home and almost made it there. That last 12 minutes was brutal, and my heart rate was about 145. Normally, I would think that 145 is pretty high but not really all that high. But in the recent cold, I have seen my heart rate even less than 120 at the end of some sessions. So the 145 in this weather is very high for me. Thus, it is clear I was getting a higher-intensity workout for me (not necessarily you or someone else since everyone has different heart rates when resting and exercising).

All things considered, it is more likely that the weight gain today is just a natural fluctuation. In fact, I weighed myself at about 82.2 before going to bed. So it seems I didn’t lose much weight when sleeping. When that happens, there’s just nothing you can do. That is certainly well below my average weight lost during sleep time.

The purpose of decreasing to 60 minutes on Day 152 was to give my body a slight break. I do this sometimes instead of taking a full break. In fact, I never took a full break in over 4 months when in full weight-loss mode. However, I had some days when I pretty much did nothing but a slow elliptical workout for 30 minutes. Over time, I found those to be pretty much worthless. Thus, I like to stick to actual jogging on slower days, but sometimes a shorter duration. Today, it ended up being a rather hard workout because of the intensity. However, the shorter duration was still a noticeable thing from a mental standpoint that helped me get a slight break (more of a slowdown than a break, but you get the picture).

Since I am in recovery mode now, I will have very few break days. And after the slight gain today, it’s time to get back to 90 minutes for Day 153.

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