Yet Another Loss of .2 KG After An Evening Run

Day 151 of Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog

My weight started today at 81.8 kg. This is the best mark I have seen yet in this recovery period. Progress is still pretty slow but also pretty steady.

I had another successful day on this Day 151. My final weight was 81.6 kg. That is the second day in a row with weight loss of .2 kg. Also, I am averaging a loss of about .2 kg of weight for several days now.

My schedule got switched up today, but I still ran for 90 minutes. But instead of doing it in the afternoon, I did it at night. The change was made because I was taking care of my child at home while my wife was working. It was Saturday, so the child was at home all day.

My usual routine is to run in the morning or afternoon. If you work a typical day shift, then I recommend a morning run if you are the type of person who can get up early enough. However, the important thing is to fit in your regular exercise session whenever you can. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter as long as you get the job done.

Of course, some are just not a “morning person.” So you may not be able to motivate yourself to get out of bed in time to work out. In that case, you have no choice but to do your exercise after work or school. If you work at home, then that is a bonus to the extent that you can decide when you want to work out (morning or a little later). Lately, I have opted to run in the afternoon because it’s so cold here.

It just seems easier to brave the cold in the afternoon than in the early morning. Also, since I run for 90 minutes, I would have to start running at about 6 in the morning to be done in time to take care of some business. This is exactly what I did in full weight-loss mode, and it worked great. I was even losing .4 kg on my 90-minute-run days on average for several months. However, that does not mean that morning workouts are better. It likely means that I was losing weight faster then because my body had a lot more excess weight to lose. Thus, I am not disappointed or concerned about the recent averaga weight loss of .2 kg.

Tha recent loss of .2 kg daily on days with a 90-minute jogging session appears to be natural because it’s almost exactly what happened after I had lost the initial 55 pounds or so in full mode. The loss slowed down. This was not a “plateau,” as I did continue to lose weight. It’s just that the loss was slower than before. For more on weight-loss plateaus and whether they are even real (this depends on how you define them), get my Pentamize Weight Loss System book.

I did ultimately stop losing weight once hitting about 75.0 kg. This is when it became apparent that it probably wouldn’t even be that healthy to try to lose more. No, I am still not really thin at 75 kg. But I can see my ribs when I suck in at that weight. And I would probably have to starve to lose any more. So that’s when I decided to transition to maintenance mode.

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