Lost .1 KG And Recovery Period Is Gaining Momentum Now

Day 149

Starting Weight: 82.1 kg
Weight Before Running In Afternoon: 83.1 kg
Weight After Running: 81.9 kg
Final Weight: 82.0 kg

It’s been a bit of whirlwind so far during my post-vacation recovery period. Today, I finally got back down to the 82.0 mark I was at the morning after flying home. That was actually quite a while ago, on February 6.

There are a few reasons why I have had trouble getting positive momentum for this recovery. The first reason was that I needed to rest and get back to this time zone. This is normal behavior after a trip and what most people would do even if they need to start losing weight again. The second reason is that I had trouble putting down the snacks and even had some more coke. That rampant cheating on vacation didn’t do much good for my motivation.

As they say, your body gets used to what you put into it. And I put way too much soda and junk food and rice into my body over the vacation. Those old habits were coming back, and I wasn’t able to exorcise them for a few days after returning from my Philippines trip. But I have slowly adjusted back to the diet that helped me lose about 68 pounds when in full weight-loss mode. As I have gotten back to my usual diet, that momentum is finally starting to show.

Today, I lost a nominal .1 kg. Any amount of weight loss is a success for me when looking at one single day. And added to the approximate .2 kg daily average over the 3 days before this (.7 kg), I have now successfully dropped from 82.8 to 82.0 kg over the past 4 days. This is exactly .2 kg per day on average.

I have now run about 6 or 7 days in a row. Most of these days have been 90 minutes. At 79 minutes, today’s jogging session was just a little bit shorter. That was not a planned thing. But by the time I got around to running, my daughter’s school was closing before the end of the usual 90 minutes. So the session ended up being cut by 11 minutes. Still, it is not necessary to run exactly 90 minutes every day even in a recovery period. That is especially true in this case, where the 7 kg or so that I aim to lose is probably going to take me several weeks to burn off.

Don’t think that you have to do my workout. Your own workout session is whatever you come up with after reading my book, which is the Pentamize Weight Loss System. Of course, you don’t have to buy it. But it also has my unique tracking system, which turned out to essentially be the “glue” of the overall system that helped me lose weight.

I expect to exercise at least 2 or 3 more days and possibly even more before taking a break. Actually, I may choose not to take any complete break days, meaning no exercise at all. Instead of a total break, I am thinking of running only 30 to 45 minutes if my body is getting tired.

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