Averaging Over .2 KG Of Weight Loss Over Past 3 Days

Starting Weight: 82.4 kg
Weight Before Running: 83.0 kg
Weight After Running: 82.0 kg (81.9 after bathroom)
Final Weight: 82.1 kg

Although yesterday turned out to be a failure, I am still back in business on my weight-loss recovery over the past 2 days. Starting 2 days ago, I was sitting at 82.8 kg. I then dropped to about 82.0 kg the next day and rose to 82.4 yesterday. But if you add that up, it’s still a good loss of .4 kg over those 2 days, or .2 kg per day on average. This is solid when looked at on a long-term basis. So the only goal is just to keep up this trend by averaging around that amount on a daily basis.

Now, when adding today’s final result, where I lost .3 kg, I am doing very well over the past 3 days. This makes a weight loss of .7 kg in 3 days. That is an average of more than .2 kg per day. This is what the doctor ordered.

In regular maintenance mode, this might be a time to slow down to a one-hour run. However, even though this is the Pentamize weight maintenance blog, I am yet again what could be referred to as “recovery mode.” And when in recovery mode, which I will likely be in for several weeks, I take very few breaks and prefer to stick to my favorite workout for losing weight. And that is the 90-minute nonstop jogging session.

My recovery mode is probably going to last several weeks because the goal is to get back down to 75.0 kg. That is my actual maintenance weight. And this means I need to lose 7 more kilograms, which is about 16 pounds. I was 76.3 kg before going on vacation for 3 weeks in January. And that shot up to 82 by the time I got back.

The time spent since coming back has been pretty much breakeven now. The night I got back, I was 82.9 kg. And then I was 82.0 the next morning. So the 82.1 finishing weight puts me almost exactly at even.

This is a failure overall for this time period. But breakeven is not a terrible failure. It just means I need to get back on track with my entire Pentamize system. In a nutshell, that means a balanced diet that is focuses on relatively low carbs, consistent exercise, and tracking both diet and exercise. Realistically, though, I have tracked my exercise so many months now that I pretty much know what kind of results can be expected from my workouts. But diet tracking remains extremely important since my diet, like most people, is not exactly the same every day.

Tracking exercise is more important when you are starting a new exercise routine or are just getting started exercising on a regular basis. Unlike diet, my workouts are the same on the typical day. I do mostly nonstop jogging sessions. So I know the average result already. But my diet variations are large enough that I still need to track every day to make sure I am not overeating. As to what exercises you need to do and how to track them, my Pentamize book has much more details.

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