Bad Reversal After a Great Day And How Carbohydrates Figure Into My Diet Plan

Day 147
Tuesday, February 14, 2017

starting weight: 82.0 kg
ending weight: 82.4 kg
final result: gained .4 kg

I will include information on carbohydrates a little later in this post. Let me first talk about my recovery progress over the past couple of days. Yesterday was a great day, where I lost .8 kg. I already knew that I wanted to keep up the good pace and run for 90 minutes.

As discussed in yesterday’s blog post, it is important not to rest on your laurels just because of one really good day. Sometimes, one solid day is followed by a really bad day. The trend can reverse instantly, causing a weight gain that takes away most of the weight loss from the day before. Of course, this doesn’t always happen. But it ended up happening today, with a weight gain of .4 kg (a little more than a pound).

I made some diet mistakes today that probably were the big contributors to the weight gain. First, I had a small coke. Second, I ate some rice on 2 different meals. Third, I consumed a bit too much sweetened juice. Now, my diet is not meant to be perfect in any way. I let myself have some tasty things. But 3 types of cheating in one day is just ridiculous. While this was not a regular cheat day, it certainly starts to approach that when you violate your diet guidelines multiple times on the same day. This is just not going to be the long-term path to success.

I am highly committed to keeping weight off. I really wasn’t happy gaining about 12 or 13 pounds over the recent vacation. It’s just that there just wasn’t much I could do under the circumstances. There was no good place to work out, and I wasn’t able to find the right diet combination. This is all understandable when you are suddenly placed outside your normal environment. But that excuse does not apply now that I am back home. To be perfectly honest, I have not shown good discipline since coming back. And as a result, I have actually gained about a pound during this recovery period.

These recent failures are likely not a problem with my plan. Instead, it’s just a simple failure of discipline. So rather than feel bad about my weight loss diet and exercise plan, I just need to actually follow it.

To be honest, I have eaten way too much rice. Carbohydrates have been proven over and over again to kill my weight loss or maintenance. I know this from my actual Pentamize tracking. I can’t say that carbs are the only factor. Overeating in general is obviously a factor, as well. But I was barely losing weight until cutting out most bread and rice. Then, I started losing over 2.5 pounds a week for about 4 months. And the other thing that I did was to track my weight like a complete madman. This is what worked, and this is what I need to get back to. Factor 1 that needs to be fixed is to eat less carbs and sugar and more vegetables. Factor 2 is to track everything because it’s still possible to overeat even if you make better diet choices in terms of picking healthier foods. Learn more on these factors in my Pentamize book.

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