Don’t Take a Break To Celebrate After a Good Day Of Weight Loss

Day 146
Monday, February 13, 2017

starting weight: 82.8 kg
ending weight: 82.0 kg
final result: .8 kg (pretty close to 2 pounds)

This is now my third day in a row working out. 2 days ago, I jogged for 60 minutes, and I bumped that to 75 minutes yesterday. I finally bumped up to 90 minutes today, and the results were excellent.

Today may have actually been even better because I weighed in earlier than usual. But it was still a super-solid weight loss of .8 kg, which is almost 2 pounds. This is the big day I have been waiting for. And it just happened to come on the same day that I increased my run back to 90 minutes. Maybe that’s a coincidence, but the increased exercise certainly didn’t hurt the great results.

I still had some sweets today, so it was far from a perfect diet. Nonetheless, a weight loss of .8 kg on one day is one of the best days I have ever had since doing my Pentamize tracking. I remember a loss of 1 kg or more a handful of times. So this is definitely one of the better days since tracking almost every day for something like 9 months now. I did about 5 months of tracking every single day in full weight-loss mode, where I lost about 50 pounds over that time period. Then, I started my Pentamize maintenance mode, which has been going for approximately 4 months now.

Losing a large amount of weight like this on one day is a great sign, but it’s important to keep up the same system instead of relaxing and celebrating. It’s easy to lose .8 kg on one day and then suddenly gain weight the next day. This is not how I decide when to take a break or reward myself.

I have a specific reward system that is laid out in my Pentamize book. There are specific times when you can reward yourself with low risk. The time to do that is not after you have had one good day. Sure, if you have lost a bunch of weight 3 or 4 days in a row, you could reward yourself. My point here is that you can’t just take a break just because of one good day. That’s a good way to destroy your positive results since it’s often much easier to gain weight than lose it. Get my book to learn how to safely give yourself a reward snack. I sell it on the home page of this site.

Tomorrow, I will definitely do another 90-minute jogging session. It’s definitely not time to slow down now. Even while maintaining a good diet and exercise system, you will sometimes see a “bounce-back effect” after a really good day. Thus, it’s not time to take a break yet. This is especially true for me now since I am in recovery mode after my vacation.

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