A Breakeven Day Even When Running 75 Minutes

Day 145

Starting Weight: 82.8 kg
Weight At Beginning Of Run: 83.3 kg
Weight At End of Run: 82.5 kg
Weight After Bathroom: 82.2 kg
Final Weight: 82.8 kg

My workout was a 75-minute run, which is up 15 minutes from yesterday’s one-hour session. I will be increasing back on up to 90 minutes tomorrow. The reason for running only 75 minutes this time is that I was giving some extra time for the snow and ice to hopefully melt away and also to give my body a couple of days to get accustomed to longer nonstop runs again.

I am having trouble losing weight so far in this recovery period. In fact, I have gained weight if you look at the 82.0 kg mark of the morning after getting back from the vacation.

Today felt like it was going to be a good day. And the 82.2 kg mark after running in the afternoon was a decent spot. I also am doing better on my diet, cutting out more carbs and sweets. Despite that, I ended up having a breakeven day, hitting the 82.8 that I was at in the morning.

It’s important to note that I ran 15 minutes less than usual. To some, this seems like a lot of working out to just break even. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, everyone must exercise a different amount to reach their weight loss or maintenance goals. What is 75 or 90 minutes for me could be only 30 to 45 minutes for you. You must determine this for yourself. I recommend my Pentamize book to help you track everything so you can make this determination. Second, this is only one day of results. In fact, based on previous results, I definitely would expect to lose weight over time if this were my regular workout. However, you must look at several weeks of results to develop a reasonably accurate expectation of how much weight you will gain or lose on a particular exercise regimen. I just choose to run 90 minutes to get even faster results.

A breakeven day should always be considered at least a partial success as long as you worked out and ate a reasonable amount of food. It means that the workout probably saved you from gaining weight. That has to be considered at least a partial success. You can feel good about this but also realize that you must do a little better on average if you are still in weight-loss mode and not just maintaining.

Going forward from today, I will be doing several 90-minute running sessions. This is full recovery mode, and I am not going to take any break days for a while. However, I might scale back to 1 hour on some days if my body feels like it needs to slow down some.

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