Gained .6 KG After Skipping My Exercise Session

Day 143

After having successfully gotten back to working out for one day, I let myself slip today. My daily result ended up at 82.2 kg. This was a large one-day weight gain of .6 kg. I did not work out at all on this day for several reasons. This was a failure because I should have taken the time to exercise. I just got too busy on some personal work projects and didn’t want to break my concentration and work flow. Normally, I don’t fail to get in my exercise session. But I accept that I am not perfect and will falter from time to time. As a result, this was an unplanned break day.

The good part is that I was 82.0 on Tuesday morning, which was after the trip back home. So despite having only one workout session in that 72-hour period, that is still only a weight gain of .2 kg over that time, which is a little less than half a pound. This is likely attributed to the fact that I have been successful at getting back to my normal diet, albeit not perfectly. I have had a bit of candy and snacks that we brought back from the trip to the Philippines. However, the key is that I have cut down on carbohydrates. My diet over this period has still included some rice and bread. But I have been watching myself much more closely. And it helps a lot that I now have the yogurt and meatballs that I am used to eating.

This won’t apply to everyone. But for me, it’s vital to have those go-to diet foods that you love and can eat on a regular basis. These help keep you away from the bad stuff that might wreck your diet. Now, what foods these are will be different for everyone. For me, I love the yogurt and beef meatballs that I eat on a regular basis. And I have lost weight on eating them. The important part is not what you eat. It’s that what you eat allows you to lose or maintain weight in conjunction with regular exercise. I mean the typical person (certainly at least me) absolutely needs to incorporate exercise into the overall weight loss plan. And that was where I failed today and shot back up .6 kg. I gained back whatever I lost the day before. At any rate, a one-day failure is not a lifetime failure. So it’s just time to get back in the saddle tomorrow and do a reasonable exercise routine.

During this recovery period, I anticipate doing many 90-minute jogging sessions. This is where my sweet spot is for losing weight. Any less, and there is a risk of just breaking even. Any more, and my muscles start to get too fatigued. However, I will probably only run for one hour tomorrow just to help me get back into the routine. It’s been close to 4 weeks now since I have run for a full 90 minutes at the regular rate because my 90-minute sessions on vacation were slower due to basically running in place. After one day of running for 60 minutes, I will likely run for 75 minutes the next day and on up to 90 the day after that.

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