Day 144 – Disappointing Result Of .6 KG Of Weight Gain Despite Jogging

Day 144
Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog

Starting Weight: 82.2 kg
Ending Weight: 82.8 kg

Today is finally the day where I expect to get back to my normal running routine. The only exception is that this will be a one-hour run, not 90 minutes. The reason is that I want to build back up to 90 minutes over 2 or 3 days. There is also another reason, and that is that it is still slippery outside from the snow and ice. So it will hopefully melt after today.

These weather conditions are not enough for me to not work out at all, which would just be an excuse for laziness. However, when considering that it’s been a while since doing a long run, it feels better to run just 60 minutes today.

The important thing is to get back to a regular routine so I can recover from the substantial weight gain over vacation. I really don’t like being 82.2 kg, which was my starting weight today. It’s a heck of a lot better than my max weight, which was 100.6 kg (about 233 pounds). One of my life goals is to never go back there again, as it just didn’t seem healthy at all. Nonetheless, a little laziness can lead to prolonged laziness. A 3-week vacation is understandable. But anything more could lead to a weight-gain disaster. Thus, it’s time to go into full recovery mode and exercise almost every day. And since running is my bread and butter, that will mostly be daily 90-minute jogging sessions.

Today, it was pretty slippery in spots, with patches of snow and ice on the roads and sidewalks. This did not prevent me from getting a decent workout. It only forced me to slow down in spots for safety purposes. The last thing I want to do is whack my head on the pavement. But it was still a good 60-minute run. I did not weigh myself before the run today. So there are no figures for this session as far as weight loss during the workout. This is not necessary on a daily basis. But it’s important to know how much you generally lose during a workout. I teach the importance of this and how to do it in the Pentamize book, which I wrote and offer on the main page of this website.

Maybe I just ate more than what I thought I did. It’s hard to comprehend today’s weight gain of .6 kg. I would not have been surprised with a small weight gain because I did eat some rice and sweets. But this was a smack in the face.

As I alluded to above, I also failed to use my Pentamize tracking system today. That probably didn’t help me, either. This is the system I created when I was unhappy losing only 17 pounds in about 7 months. And at that time, I still had a lot more weight to lose. So the 17 pounds, although good, was actually a disappointment. Then, after implementing my Pentamize system, I lost 50 pounds or so in about 5 months. It’s time to get back to effective tracking of my diet and exercise and use all the tools that helped me successfully lose weight to begin with. You can also learn the Pentamize system in my book, which is available from the home page of this website.

The last thing you or I should be doing after a bad day like this is starving. That is not what I am going to do. But tracking will help me keep my diet in check, which is vital to success when you are someone who does get overweight when slipping on the diet.

I expect to run 75 minutes for Day 145 and 90 minutes for Day 146. But in addition to that, it’s key to start tracking everything again to get this recovery period going in the right direction.

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