Pentamize Blog – Day 141 – Gained 5.7 KG Of Weight Over 3-Week Vacation

Day 141

This is my first blog in about 3 weeks because I have been on vacation in the Philippines. I have labeled today’s blog entry as Day 141 even though the last one was Day 118. That is because it’s the 141st day of this blog. But there are not 141 total entries due to the fact that I was not able to post on vacation. So there are about 3 weeks of missing blog entries. That is why they are missing.

My results were frankly quite bad over this period. I started at about 76.3 kg, which was my last weigh-in on January 16. Fast forwarding to February 7, which is after I got off the plane, I was 82.9 kg right after getting home. This was before sleeping. And after getting a few hours of sleep, I had a big drop to 82.0 kg. I am allowing that reduction since my official weigh-ins are always in the morning, anyway. So doing that math, I gained 5.7 kg over a 3-week vacation to the Philippines. 5.7 kg is 13 pounds rounded up. So if we are rounding things off, I gained 6 kg. If using the American system, that is 13 pounds.

6 kg over about 21 days amounts to about .27 kg of weight gain per day on average. And that is a weight gain of about half a pound a day over this period. Needless to say, that would be a horrible disaster over a long period of time.

Let me talk about why I had such a bad weight gain over this Philippine vacation. I was with my wife and daughter, and we were visiting her family members. And they eat rice practically every single meal in the Philippines. When we weren’t eating rice, we were eating out more than usual. And eating out is very risky for dieters, as well. For those who have followed my Pentamize weight-loss system, you will know that part of my plan is to cut down on carbohydrates. Rice is full of carbs. For me, eating a lot of rice is the exact opposite strategy that I need to employ in order to lose or maintain weight. I also talk in my book about eating out. There is a great reduction in diet control when you eat out. So I mostly eat at home to help avoid gaining weight. Thus, during this vacation, my big mistakes were eating too much rice (carbs) and eating out too much. That is pretty much the reason for such a large weight gain over a relatively short period of time.

I couldn’t find any good yogurt or meatballs, which is what I like to eat in Denmark. So that meant I ended up eating a lot of rice because that is what fit with the meat and vegetables the family members were making for us.

Long term, if I were living in the Philippines, this would be a complete disaster. I would have to come up with a different plan. Be very careful with people who claim that a traditional Asian diet is good for weight loss or maintenance. This vacation is a vivid example of how that is not necessarily the case at all. Rice is a complete diet killer for me. That destroyed me before, and eating a bunch of rice is just not going to work for me. They even give you rice on the side in the Philippines when you order a fast food restaurant.

Now, there is something else that also hurt me over this vacation. Here in Aalborg, Denmark, there are great sidewalks all over town and plenty of space to go jogging. There is traffic, but it’s not so much that it impedes jogging sessions. I quickly found out in the Philippines that jogging on the streets is not a very common practice. There is way too much traffic, and there are throngs of people on the sidewalks that do exist. There was just no way to go jogging for over 10 km on the streets and the occasional sidewalk. So I was not able to do my usual jogging sessions. Lack of my normal exercise routines also played a role in gaining the 6 kg (13 pounds). With exercise, I may have been able to only gain 5 pounds or so. But without the exercise, I was destined to have a large weight gain. I knew within a couple of days that it was going to be a disaster. So I just tried to limit my eating for some meals just to avoid an even bigger weight gain than what I did suffer.

I did have about 5 to 7 workouts. And while they were 90 minutes, the sessions were mostly just running in place. I did not have a scale to weigh in. This is why I just decided not to write Pentamize blog posts over this vacation. It’s also why I don’t know how much I was losing during these sessions. But since they were largely running in place while doing some reps with 2-pound dumbbells, I’m sure I lost very little weight during these sessions. So they may have prevented a weight gain of 1 to 3 pounds or something small like that. But it was not enough exercise to avoid the 6 kg (13 pounds).

Since this Pentamize maintenance mode started at 75.0 kg, the 82.0 kg means I am 7.0 kg over the starting point. Almost all of that is due to this vacation. Before the trip started, I was only about 2 pounds over. So I am not unhappy with the weight maintenance results overall. It’s just that this trip made me shoot way up compared to my successful maintenance from before. So it’s now just time to get back to proper eating and regular exercise. And I am confident that my Pentamize techniques will help me drop this weight just like before.

I did not exercise on Day 141 because I was still getting rest from the plane trips back (3 total flights and 2 long layovers in Doha, Qatar, and Oslo, Norway). It’s time to get back to my jogging sessions on Day 142.

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