Lost .4 KG Today To Reverse Yesterday’s Gain

Day 118

Start: 76.4 kg
End: 76.0 kg
Result: lost .4 kg

This is the next to last workout in this post-New Year’s recovery period. I’ve had what I would consider moderate success. Yesterday was a bummer, as I somehow gained .4 kg. It’s still not clear why that happened. But even with that, a drop from 78.2 to 76.4 is pretty good in 12 days.

My run started at 77.4 kg, and I ended at 76.3 kg. That is pretty good for such cold weather. After the run, I knew I needed a little more to eat. But this will be a small meal. And since I am .1 kg below the morning weigh-in, it looks like I’ll have a decent chance of losing weight for this Pentamize maintenance blog’s Day 118.

Regardless of what happens, I need to wrap up this recovery tomorrow because I am catching a flight on Monday and will need to start getting ready. Also, I will be missing several days since it’s a vacation. But I am going to attempt to do some kind of exercise over this 3-week period. However, I can’t yet come up with an exact workout plan because I haven’t been where I am going.

I might not be able to post to this Pentamize blog every day over the vacation. But I will at least take some notes along the way and make some blog posts that cover more than one day.

3 weeks without exercise would likely be a total disaster for me. So there’s just no way I can do that. I’d probably spend 3 months trying to lose the weight back. So I have to come up with some plan. The time to decide on that is after I get there and scope out the surrounding area.

Today, I was able to successfully reverse yesterday’s damage. My weight came in at 76.0 kg. So I lost back the same .4 kg that I gained yesterday. That is about as good as could be expected.

Well, this leaves one last day in the current recovery period. I have struggled a little more than expected. However, a drop from 78.2 to 76.0 kg is a weight loss of 2.2 kg, which is about 4.5 pounds. I have done this in 13 days of nonstop exercise days. There hasn’t been a single break day in my schedule. So while I was expecting a little bit better results, it’s not that surprising because my diet frankly could have been better. I ate quite a bit of chocolate candy and some sweet cereal. Those are not good choices for obvious reasons. All things considered, this is still a success. Tomorrow is the last day of this recovery period, and I will exercise again. Then, I’ll be traveling the next day. So there will be no exercise. I will post results when possible. But unless I can find a scale, it could be a while before that is possible.

90M and +.2 kg
90M and -.1 kg
90M and -.3 kg
90M and -.5 kg
60M and +.4 kg
90M and -.4 kg
total 6458 and -6.5 kg
averages of 75.09 min jogging and -.076 kg in 86 days

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