Had a Bad Day And Gained .4 KG After 2 Great Days

Day 117

Today, I was very busy and was not able to run for 90 minutes. But with only 3 workouts left in this recovery period (including today), I could not take a break. So I squeezed in a one-hour nonstop jogging session.

After starting the day at 76.0 kg, I rose to about 77.0 due to pretty average food intake. The one-hour run resulted in a loss of about .9 kg. I went to the bathroom right before weighing in, so it may have been .8 kg. That’s not a huge amount. But this was expected because it’s cold. I did run faster than lately. Otherwise, the results would have been .7 kg or even less.

My weight of 76.1 kg after the run and bathroom is not a particularly good number at 4:30 in the afternoon. At this point, I am .1 kg over the morning weigh-in, putting me in the danger zone. So it’s time to try to exercise some good diet discipline.

Unfortunately, I was just a bit too hungry today. And that resulted in a rise back up to about 77.1 kg before bedtime. This is not very surprising, though, for a combination of 2 reasons. I don’t think I overate. However, the possible factors were running for only 60 minutes and the fact that I have possibly lost a little too much the past 2 days. Losing the .8 kg (almost 2 pounds) the past 2 days is big. And at some point, that has to reverse itself. So I was not necessarily expecting a big today, anyway. And the fact that I got busy and had to cut 30 minutes off my run obviously did not help matters.

Nonetheless, I will probably not have much weight gain by the morning weigh-in. A small gain would not be that disappointing. Then, I need to push through the 2 more workouts during this recovery period. I am close to the 75 range now and might get pretty close to 75.0. However, it’s doubtful that I could make it now because I would have to average about .5 kg per day. But anything in the 75 range is a reasonable success.

Unfortunately, I only dropped to 76.4 overnight. And that was even after going to the bathroom more than once. So this looks like the kind of reversal I was talking about earlier in this blog post. That’s a gain of .4 kg on the day.

I need to struggle here and at least get down close to the 75 range. Still, being 76.4 after dropping from 78.2 during this recovery period is not bad. Although it’s not as good as I was hoping for, that’s still a positive recovery. Rushing weight loss is simply not a realistic path in the typical situation. You have to follow the plan and let nature take its course. At any rate, I am only about 3 pounds over what I was before the holidays. So this is not a bad trend or anything like that.

90M and +.2 kg
90M and -.1 kg
90M and -.3 kg
90M and -.5 kg
60M and +.4 kg
total 6368 and -6.1 kg
averages of 74.92 min jogging and -.072 kg in 85 days

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