Lost .3 KG With 4 More Days To Go In Recovery Period

Day 115

My starting weight was 76.8 kg, and the final weigh-in showed a 76.5. That is a good weight loss of .3 kg.

Today was time for yet another 90-minute run. However, my schedule got messed up from the start. The weather was not good, so my daughter stayed home. That means I could not go running in the afternoon because I had to watch her.

Still, I ended up running at about 9 to 10:30 at night. As has become normal of late, my weight did not go down much during the jog. I started at 77.2 kg and ended at 76.3. That is a loss of only .9 kg, whereas I was frequently hitting 1.6 kg and sometimes even more during the moderate summer here in Denmark. During warm weather, I have never tracked myself losing only .9 kg, much less the measly .7 kg I lost on a couple of recent days. Anyway, it is not as bad as it sounds, though. The reason is less sweat during the workout means you don’t usually drink as much after it is over. So there is still a good chance to lose weight even when running in the cold. You might end up achieving less effective results. However, working out in the cold here in Denmark is still working for me. So don’t fret if you live in a cold environment.

The best thing I did today was eat less than usual. I have been a little disappointed in this recovery period. Since January 2, I have lost only 1.4 kg, which is good for a weight maintenance phase in general. However, it’s not very good for a recovery period even in maintenance phase.

I did improve some today by losing .3 kg. This seems like it was mostly due to the fact that I really controlled my diet more than usual. Up to the run, I was only about .4 kg over my morning weigh-in. And that was way over 8 hours. During that time, I only had one or two really small meals and maybe a very small snack. That’s why I did need to eat a little more after the run, rising from 76.3 to 77.1. But even that is perfectly fine because much of it was water. I had like a banana, an energy bar, and two small tuna sandwiches, as well.

The only minor disappointment is that I did not lose much weight overnight. But .6 kg is not a bad loss. It’s just that I had a chance to lose a lot more. But it all depends on what happens overnight, which is really out of your control once you put your head on the pillow. Nonetheless, the added weight loss today now means I have dropped 1.7 kg during this recovery period. Since this period is now 10 days, it’s .17 kg of weight loss per day.

There are now only 4 more workouts to go since I need to exercise on Sunday and then do laundry before taking the plane flight on Monday. I had hoped to get down to 75.0 kg. It looks like I won’t have time to make that happen. But as long as I finish strong here in terms of effort, I will be happy with the results. If you are going to set high goals, you will not always achieve them. And this is really true with short-term weight loss. There are so many variables involved that it would be pointless to get upset as long as you have some progress. The only time to get upset is if you cheat on your weight-loss plan, causing you to go off course. Focus on finding out what works (get my Pentamize book to help you do this), and then focus on the effort needed to do what works.

90M and -.1 kg
90M and broke even
90M and -.1 kg
90M and -.3 kg
90M and +.2 kg
90M and -.1 kg
90M and -.3 kg
total 6218 and -6.0 kg
averages of 74.92 min jogging and -.072 kg in 83 days

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