Lost .3 KG As Recovery From Holiday Weight Gain Continues

Day 112

Starting Weight: 77.0 kg
Ending Weight: 76.7 kg
Result: lost .3 kg

Today, I used the routine that I normally did during full weight-loss mode. Before eating anything, I weighed in in the morning and went for my exercise session, which was yet another 90-minute run. My starting weight was 77.0 kg.

The results were disappointing again, with a loss of 1.0 kg during the run. That put me at 76.0, and then I was 75.8 after going to the bathroom.

I am not used to this routine anymore, and I ended up overeating on this day. My weight rose to an excessive 78.3 kg by bedtime. Sure, a good portion of that was water. But I really think that overeating was a serious factor, as well. This put me in great danger of being way over on the day.

When I woke up, I was 77.2 kg. That would have put me over. But I still had some time before the weigh-in. Although weighing in late after a meeting, I was 76.7 kg. I had not eaten or drunk anything before that point. This was a loss of .3 kg. Normally, this would have ended up being a really bad day. And it may have been a slight weight gain if I had weighed in exactly 24 hours after the previous weigh-in. So while today was a success, it wasn’t much of one.

It’s probably best to find a routine that you can stick with as far as your workouts. I had really honed my routine in full weight-loss mode by almost always working out in the morning before eating or drinking anything. And I was used to the fact that I had to be very careful since there wouldn’t be any more exercise the rest of the day. But once you get out of that routine, you can make mistakes with your diet. And I did overeat today and was just lucky that I dropped an unusually high amount overnight. On most days, I probably would have actually gained weight today because my average weight loss overnight is way less than 1.6 kg. In fact, that is a very high amount and the highest I even remember tracking.

Lately, I am more used to afternoon runs. And this lets me split up my food intake to some before and some after the workout. I still prefer the morning workouts. But you really need to track your diet the rest of the day because there is a serious risk of overeating when you do it that way, particularly at night.

Afternoon workouts do have their challenges, as well. Even though you eat a good portion of your daily food before the workout, there is a risk of overeating because you may get hungry again precisely because of the exercise session. So regardless of when you exercise, it’s really important to track how much you are eating. If you track meticulously enough and can respond to that by modifying how much you eat, then you greatly increase your chances of losing or maintaining weight. What schedule is best really depends on what works for you. My Pentamize book gives you specific details on another plan where you eat everything first and then exercise at the end of the day. Get the book to read about this Evening Dominator plan.

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