Another Slight Weight Loss Of .1 KG During Recovery Period

Day 111

Starting Weight: 77.1 kg
Ending Weight: 77.0 kg
Result: lost .1 kg

After a day of breaking even yesterday, it’s time to keep going and do another long exercise session.

I was up to 78.1 kg before the run. I definitely ate too much, including probably at least a half cup of rice, quite a bit of meat, and some cereal. Nonetheless, the 1.0 kg increase with only two small meals to go after the run is actually not that much. So while it seems like I had to much, the weight does tell a more positive story.

2-hour sessions make for a brutal run. So I have to avoid those for the most part. They can also lead to some soreness, which is not good for the next day’s run. I’m sure good long-distance runners would have no problem with that. But I am not a good long-distance runner.

78.1 to 76.8 and 76.7 after the bathroom. That was a loss of 1.3 kg during the actual run. This is much better than the dismal .7 kg of the last 2 days (same figure both days during freezing weather).

I only rose to about 77.8 after eating all meals. And a good portion of that was due to water. But the morning results for my weigh-in were a disappointment. I dropped to 77.7 shortly before bedtime. Then, despite drinking a lot of water at night after the workout, I only dropped .7 kg overnight. So that put me at 77.0 kg. It was still positive weight loss of .1 kg. But I was hoping for me because my belief was that most of the weight gain after the workout was due to water intake. Regardless, it’s a modest success today. Once again, though, there is no break day in sight for now because the results are not justifying a break. I just can’t do it right now.

My recovery results since New Year’s Day, while modest, are still pretty decent. I started at 78.2, which means a loss of 1.2 kg so far. And that is in 6 days since the 1st was also a break and cheat day. That amounts to an average of .2 kg weight loss per day so far. While well below my full weight-loss mode average, that is normal for maintenance mode since most of the excess body fat is already gone.

120M and +1.6 kg (cheat day)
90M and -.7 kg
60M and +.1 kg
120M and -.4 kg
90M and -.1 kg
90M and broke even
90M and -.1 kg
total 5858 and -5.5 kg
averages of 74.15 min jogging and -.07 kg in 79 days

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