Day 109: Lost a Little Weight On a Freezing Cold Day

Day 109

Starting Weight: 77.2 kg
Ending Weight: 77.1 kg
Result: lost .1 kg

Today is going to be tough because it is freezing outside, and the sidewalks will be slippery due to heavy snow last night. However, I am right in the middle of a recovery period here and just cannot afford to take a day off.

My goal is to run for 90 minutes. And since I had a good day yesterday with a .4 kg weight loss, I want to keep up this positive streak. So despite the rough conditions, I aim to run for 90 minutes. There’s no way I am going to do 2 hours 2 days in a row. But dropping to only 60 minutes would be risky. Thus, 90 minutes seems like the right amount of time. Also, I will probably be running pretty slowly due to slippery slidewalks. Thus, running for 60 minutes would probably be even less of a workout than it normally would be. So all signs point to 90 minutes being the right choice here.

My run started at 78.5 kg. I had eaten a couple of meals up to that point. And I was at 1.3 kg over the morning weight. This is not bad because it includes water, as well.

The bad part about the workout is that I lost only .7 kg. This is very low, and I was still 77.8 after that run. This is the lowest amount I have ever tracked for a 90-minute jog. The combination of cold weather and the slow pace due to icy sidewalks is probably the reason for the poor weight loss during this workout.

It felt like a decent run. But there were so many spots with snow and ice that I did have to slow down a number of times.

In this kind of situation, it’s less important to look at the daily result and more important to consider what would have happened if I had skipped the exercise session all together. Imagine the disastrous weight gain that would have been. So whatever ends up happening today, it needs to be put into a positive perspective. Of course, it’s no surprise if my results suffer because of this weather. Although shocking to see that 77.8, it would have been a 78.5 with no workout.

I dropped to 77.5 after going to the bathroom. So this gives me some hope to lose weight today. But it’s not going to happen unless I sacrifice a lot by eating almost nothing the rest of the day. I’ll watch myself. But I am not going to starve myself because it just doesn’t seem to be a good lifestyle choice to starve.

I did rise to about 78.1 kg before bedtime. That was a little too high and risky. But after weighing in a little late in the morning (but before eating anything), I was 77.1 kg. So I just managed to squeak out a weight loss of .1 kg.

90M and -.3 kg
120M and +1.6 kg (cheat day)
90M and -.7 kg
60M and +.1 kg
120M and -.4 kg
90M and -.1 kg
total 5678 and -5.4 kg
averages of 73.74 min jogging and -.070 kg in 77 days

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