Lost .7 KG On First Recovery Day After New Years

Day 106

Starting Weight: 78.2 kg (beginning of recovery period)
Ending Weight: 77.5 kg
Result: lost .7 kg

Well, here we go again. I have another long recovery period after the cheating on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. After running on the 31st for 2 hours and getting down to about 75.3 kg, I rose sharply to 78.2 kg by the end of New Year’s Day. That is one ugly increase of about 6 pounds. Ouch.

Anyway, I am used to cheating days really hurting me. This is exactly why I have discovered in my Pentamize tracking that both diet and exercise are mandatory components of my weight loss and maintenance. It just gets a little disappointing sometimes that I literally gain more than 5 pounds sometimes on a cheat day. It’s another one of those areas where life is just not fair. Someone like me has to work so hard to stay in just decent shape. Meanwhile, some people eat anything and have no problems. But this is par for the course in life. You do what you have to do if you really want to stay decently healthy. And this is one of my life goals now. So I won’t take “no” for an answer.

For Day 106 and the start of this post-New Year’s recovery period, I decided to run for 90 minutes. My body has been hitting it pretty hard on the jogging lately to recovery from these holiday cheat days. So while I added 2-hour runs recently, they are a bit too much for my liking. I actually prefer about 1 hour, but I still go 90 minutes when it seems necessary. And it’s definitely advisable during this recovery period. However, it’s okay to reduce to 1 hour on some days.

My weight was 77.4 kg after the run. This was surely over 1 kg of weight loss, but I didn’t track exactly what it was. Nonetheless, it had to have been good because today’s starting weight was 78.2, and I had 2 or 3 small meals before exercising.

After eating a post-workout meal and drinking some water, I rose to about 78.6 kg. This is good as long as I don’t eat anymore today. However, it is only 6 at night. So I may need a really small snack before going to bed. But if I maintain discipline the rest of the night, I will definitely lose some good weight by morning.

I did a pretty good job and only ate a little more. And my weight dropped to 77.5 kg by morning. This is a solid loss of .7 kg and a great start to this recovery period.

90M and -1.3 kg
90M and -.3 kg
90M and -.3 kg
90M and -.3 kg
120M and +1.6 kg (cheat day)
90M and -.7 kg
total 5408 and -5.0 kg
averages of 73.08 min jogging and -.068 kg in 74 days

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