Day 76 – Analyzing The Difference Between My Full Weight-Loss Mode And Maintenance Mode

Day 76
Pentamize Weight Loss Blog

My day started out at exactly 75.0, which also happens to be the very same weight I was at when starting this blog 76 days ago. In fact, not one day during this period have I gone either below 74.0 or over about 76.5. So my performance in terms of maintaining weight has been fantastic.

By the end of Day 76, I had gained .1 kg, ending at 75.1. That may have happened because I ate too much bread. Regardless, it’s a typical small weight gain that is balanced out by the days with weight loss.

I am using the same kind of Pentamize techniques that I used when losing almost 70 pounds in full weight-loss mode. The difference is that I eat a little bit more and exercise a little less. Actually, my time spent on exercise is about 20 to 25 percent less. Yet, my weight continues to hover right around 75 kg. So my diet is pretty good, although not super healthy. And I should be eating more vegetables and a little less meat, bread, and yogurt. But since my maintenance goal is being achieved, I don’t want to be too hard on myself.

By the time I did my one-hour run today at 7 p.m., my weight was 76.3 kg. This is pretty good since I am planning on eating only a small amount of food after the run.

The amount lost during the jog was only .7 kg, which put me down to 75.6 kg. This is a little lower than average. I felt like I was running pretty hard. But my heart rate was only 133 at the end, which is pretty much average for me. In warmer weather, I usually lose more than this (about .5 kg per 30 minutes of jogging). Your results will vary. So don’t take that as a promise that you will have the same numbers. I wrote a book to teach you how to track these things for yourself. The Pentamize Weight Loss System is available on the home page of this site.

While this is certainly not required, I went way over the top during my full weight-loss mode. In fact, the last 4 to 5 months, I did not have one single break day from exercising. That’s motivation. And I can only hope you at least approach the same motivation level in full weight-loss mode.

However, having lost the weight that I was trying to lose, I no longer felt the need to work out every day or work out as much as before in terms of session length. Now, how much you can let off when transitioning to maintenance mode depends should not be based on feelings only. After all, if you don’t “feel like” working out at all anymore, you will just gain all the weight back. So the key is to slow down only to the extent that you can maintain your current weight.

In my case, this still means working out about 6 days a week. So while I would prefer to cut that down to 5, that has not worked out for me so far. If I modified my diet even further, that might be possible. But unless I figure out a better diet system, I am pretty much stuck to working out about 6 days a week. In terms of exercise length, I am happy to not have to run 90 minutes every session. Instead, I often jog for 60 minutes. Am I totally happy? No, but working out on a regular basis is just the right thing to do for me.

90M break even
60M +.1 kg
90M -.6 kg
60M and -.1 kg
60M and +.1 kg
total 3173 and -4.0 kg
averages of 63.46 min jogging and -.08 kg in 50 days

Day 75 – Sleep And Its Effect On Weight Loss

This is Day 75 of my Pentamize blog. My results today were a weight loss of .1 kg. My workout was a one-hour run. My starting weight was 75.1 kg, and my ending weight was 75.0.

After my one-hour run, I came in at 75.2 kg. That was kind of a disappointing drop of only .6 kg, as my weight was 75.8 before going on the run.

I feel like I should have lost a bit more than .6 kg. But that’s just the way it goes sometimes. I ran from 7 to 8 at night and had to eat a little more after that. Of course, it was important to drink some water after running for an hour.

I went back up to approximately 75.8 after the last meal. Then, after going to the bathroom, I dropped back down a little to about 75.6 by bedtime.

In my Pentamize Weight Loss System book, I break down all you need to know about losing weight while sleeping. A lot of people with a weight loss system do mention that sleep is good. And I certainly concur that one of the major times of the day when I have lost a lot of weight is during sleep.

However, simply knowing that sleep is beneficial for losing weight is not really giving you much information on how to lose weight. It’s a very small part of an overall system. You certainly don’t want to be sleeping only 4 hours a day. Then again, you won’t lose weight sleeping 10 hours a day if you don’t do other things to create a lifestyle for promoting weight loss.

Let me give you an example. I know pretty much what I need to weigh before sleeping so that I will have a good result by morning, which is when I do my official weigh-ins. Once you learn how to make this same kind of prediction, you can modify your daily activities so you can actually predict before your weigh-ins whether you are expected to have a good or bad result. If you predict a bad result, there are certain things you can do to reverse that, such as an exercise session. I show you precisely how to make these predictions and take the proper countermeasures to help achieve your goals.

I don’t have any specific numbers on this, and it would be hard to even devise a study because each person would have to intentionally sleep only 4 or 5 hours on certain nights, which is a major impediment to someone’s life. Then, they would have to sleep 8 to 10 hours, which is going to be too much for some people because they just don’t have the time to even do that in their regular lives. The bottom line on sleep is that it is good for losing weight. But whether you sleep 4 or 8 hours a day, the amount of sleep you get is only one factor in a much bigger set of factors that determines your overall success. Principally, you are still going to need a proper combination of effective diet and exercise. Then, getting enough sleep can potentially enhance that overall plan, while insufficient sleep can potentially hinder your results.

60M and +.1 kg
90M -.1 kg
90M break even
60M +.1 kg
90M -.6 kg
60M and -.1 kg
total 3113 and -4.1 kg
averages of 63.53 min jogging and -.084 kg in 49 days

Day 74 – Do You Overeat Because Of The Amount Of Food That Your Or a Loved One Cooks?

Day 74 Results For Pentamize Weight Maintenance Blog
Starting Weight: 75.7 kg
Ending Weight: 75.1 kg
Overall Result: lost .6 kg

This was a day for a 90-minute run. After that run, I got all the way down to 74.2 kg. That is more than I have been losing lately during these running sessions. This is apparently due to the fact that it got colder outside. However, despite the cold wind, I did sweat quite a lot during today’s run.

Things got bad after the run. I pretty much overate yet again. Part of the problem that I have is that I have to eat alone. When I eat with the family, I frequently end up overeating. This is an important life change that I had to make in full weight-loss mode. Why? Because my wife, who cooks good food, simply makes too much of this good food. And it causes me to overeat.

She was on vacation the past few days and cooked quite a few times. This may be why I was stuck around 75.0 for a few days and then had a really bad day yesterday and shot up to 75.7. In fact, the 75.7 is the highest I have been in my maintenance mode, at least without counting a big cheat day.

When it comes down to it, I just have to eat alone because she simply makes too much food when she cooks instead of making small portions. I can’t ask her to change that because she is the cook. So for the most part, I eat my whole foods, such as fruits, and foods that can be bought in specific small portions, such as a pack of meatballs, a cup of yogurt, etc. This allows me to eat reasonably small portions instead of staring at a huge pot of soup or pan of rice. This makes it difficult to keep your portions at the right amount if you have a tendency to overeat.

If you commonly cook your own food, then you have to consider how much you are making. If you are making a lot of portions, then is this causing you to overeat? If you are the type that makes a large amount of stuff all at once, then you may fall into the trap that I have fallen into. And the solutions to this include making less or not cooking. Which solution you choose is up to you. In part, this will depend upon what you usually make and whether or not the recipe can be modified to make a smaller amount.

Some people really like cooking and don’t want to stop. I get that. But if you are going to cook and are making too much, it’s up to you to modify the amount you make to avoid overeating.

Here are the recent daily results and overall average for nonjogging exercise sessions only:

60M and broke even
90M and gained .9 kg
60M and -.6 kg
60M and -.5 kg
60M and +.1 kg
90M -.1 kg
90M break even
60M +.1 kg
90M -.6 kg
total 3053 and -4.0 kg
averages of 63.6 min jogging and -.083 kg in 48 days

Day 72 – Tips To Avoid Small Weight Gain That Leads To a Big Overall Gain

Starting Weight: 75.0 kg
60-minute run
Ending Weight: 75.1 kg
Result: gained .1 kg

After my 60-minute run, I was 75.0 kg. That was a 1.0 kg drop, down from 76.0. The run was from 5 to 6 in the evening. So I had already eaten most of my food for the day.

A drop of 1.0 kg for a one-hour run is par for the course and even quite good for the cold weather outside at this time. But alas, I just had another day where things didn’t go well as far as losing weight. I gained .1 kg today, which is obviously not so bad. But at the same time, if I did that every day, I would gain a ton of weight. So it’s important to understand that small weight gain and loss can easily turn into big weight gain or loss over weeks and months. This is why it’s crucial to track on a regular basis. Things can get away with you if you don’t realize you are gaining a small amount of weight, but on a regular basis.

The way to avoid gaining a lot of weight over time is to track using my Pentamize system. I’ll give you a brief overview in this article, though. Let me give an example of how small weight gain can become a big problem.

Day 1: gain .2 pounds
Day 2: break even
Day 3: lose .1 pound
Day 4: lose .1 pound
Day 5: gain .3 pounds
Day 6: gain .2 pounds
Day 7: break even

Over these 7 days, you lost weight 2 days, broke even 2 days, and gained weight 3 days. This may look like you are not doing so bad. But the total is .6 pounds of weight gain in a week. Now, work that out to 6 months, which I will just say is 26 weeks in this example. Over that period, you would gain 13 pounds. While that’s not terrible, it’s certainly bad if you are trying to lose and a failure even if you are just trying to maintain. And this can happen even though you are losing or breaking even the majority of days.

The example above shows how you can accidentally gain weight when you are not regularly tracking your results. In the end, only the average matters. But if you aren’t tracking on pretty much a daily basis, then you won’t spot the mistakes you are making on your bad days. And if you don’t spot those mistakes, you risk slowly gaining too much weight over an extended period of time.

As far as my results today, I am not worried because I already know my good days will make up for the bad ones. I have done my Pentamize tracking system for about 9 months now. So I’ve done my homework and know that I can maintain my present weight. But if you have not yet perfected your own tracking, then get my book and learn how to do this for your own diet and exercise regimens.

Day 73 – Terrible Day With a Calisthenics Workout

One of the things that you will see with perhaps most weight-loss blogs is they give you a rosy picture of everything. They say running is good. Then, they turn around and say walking is good. A low-fat diet is good. Then, they turn around a recommend a low-carb diet or weightlifting instead of jogging. I don’t do that. Instead, I just tell you what is working for me and what is not working. And calisthenics are just not working out for me as a weight-maintenance tool.

Day 73 Summary:

Starting Weight: 75.1 kg
45-minute mixed workout session with no jogging
gained .6 kg (to 75.7)

Over the past few days, I have not lost weight despite doing a lot of jogging. However, I have pretty much been breaking even.

In this situation, I would prefer to jog one more day at least to at least lose a little weight. But the issue I am coming up against is the fact that it has been several days since I have done situps, pushups, and other calisthenics. Surely, I need to do a calisthenics workout at least once a week to avoid letting my muscles get out of shape. So it’s to risk it a little bit and do this nonjogging workout. I have not had good results with these workouts. But it’s also beneficial to keep some upper-body muscles and abs in decent shape even though these sessions have not resulted in positive weight loss.

I was 76.0 kg before my workout. And after, the scale said that I still weighed the same. This is not good for losing weight. But physically, my muscles sure felt like they got a pretty good workout.

My workout was over at about 7 at night. And I needed to have a little more food. So I will be going up over 76.0 after that. Then, we’ll have to see how much I drop overnight. But it’s probably not going to be good. My guess is I will gain a lot over this 24-hour period. And that will force me to do yet another 90-minute run to try to make up for today’s weight gain.

This turned out to be a really bad day. I was well over 76 at bedtime. And by morning, that dropped to 75.7 kg. That’s a really poor weight gain of .6 kg just in one day. And this was not even a cheat day.

I am still not going to give up on these workouts because my muscles do need the exercise. Otherwise, I would only be working the leg muscles used in jogging. And that is neglecting a large portion of my body.

If you are having trouble losing weight, then you may have to sacrifice and do your most effective workout even if you don’t like it. If you can lose weight while lifting weights or something else, then that’s great for you. But this has not worked for me. So my focus is on jogging about 5 days a week and much less frequently doing a calisthenics workout. Otherwise, the risk of gaining some of my weight back is just too big.

Let me just make a quick note. Since my muscles have gotten in better shape lately from doing a lot of pushups and situps, the intensity is less than before. So I will increase my reps next time in an attempt to get better results. But there is no mistaking that, even after a year of tracking and testing things, jogging is the only thing that consistently helps me lose or maintain weight.

Mixed Workouts With No Jogging (these are all 45 minutes)
-.1 kg
-.2 kg
+.1 kg
+.8 kg
-.2 kg
+.4 kg
-.1 kg
+.6 kg
total +1.3 kg
average .1625 kg of weight gain in 8 sessions