Day 97 – Large Weight Gain On Christmas Eve Despite 2-Hour Run

Day 97

Starting Weight: 76.0 kg
Ending Weight: 77.4 kg

It is Christmas Eve. For obvious reasons, this is a cheat day. And I will have one tomorrow, as well. But today is not a break day. In fact, I followed my planned workout and ran for a full 2 hours.

It rained during my jogging session. Even if I had wanted to quit, I could not have just stopped, anyway. I was way too far from home to stop. That is one advantage of running outside and running a good distance from home or your usual starting point. No matter what, you have to get back. So you may as well keep on running even if you get tired. Otherwise, it will take that much longer to finish.

The biggest disappointment today is that I started at 76.0, which means I did not lose any weight yesterday despite a 90-minute run.

After getting up, I ate a breakfast that was larger than usual. So by the time I finished that and the meal, my weight had only dropped to about 75.3 kg. The hope was to get under 75.0. Nonetheless, that was still a decent result for the 2-hour run. I did not weigh myself before starting. But I was probably about 76.7. So that was a weight loss of approximately 1.4 kg. I’d like to have even more for a 2-hour run. But the rain and cold slowed me down some. So this is not really that disappointing.

After this run, I broke all the rules and ate and drank anything that I wanted. Probably the worst thing I did was drink a lot of coke. I don’t enjoy soft drinks as much as I used to. But I still enjoy them on a cheat days. Other things that I ate included a lot of chicken, pork, sweet potatoes, new potatoes, some salad, and some fruit salad. That added up to a lot of weight. But the fact that I ran for 2 hours earlier in the day obviously limited some of the damage.

The results were what you would expect. I shot up to about 77.4 by morning. However, this was just the beginning, as I also was fully expecting to have a cheat day on Christmas Day. It got a lot more worse at that point. The thing about a cheat day is you can limit the damage to some degree as long as you exercise. And I did that on Christmas Eve. But since the 25th was both a break day and a cheat day, the results were expected to be worse. And they were bad. However, it is interesting that my weight gain on the 25th was exactly the same as my weight gain on the 24th. I am not sure exactly why that happened. But I may have actually eaten more on the 24th. At any rate, this just shows how important it was to exercise on the 24th to limit the damage. It could have been much worse.

Broke Even Due To Overeating On Last Meal (Tracking Failure)

Day 96

Today’s Starting Weight: 76.0 kg
Ending Weight: 76.0 kg

I am coming off of a pretty good day. After gaining weight 2 days in a row (but only .3 kg all together), I successfully reversed that yesterday and lost .2 kg. And I did this with a 1-hour run.

The game plan now is to run tonight and then run again tomorrow during the daytime. I will run 90 minutes tonight and a full 2 hours tomorrow to lose as much as I can until the Christmas Eve party.

Today, I started at 76.0 kg and tried not to eat too much before the run, which was expected to be at about 8 at night. When checking my weight at 7 p.m., though, I had risen to about 77.1 kg. This is .2 kg less than the 77.3 that I started at before yesterday’s run. And I plan on running 30 minutes more tonight. So this is a great starting weight for the workout.

I had a decent run at what was a slow-to-average speed for me. My heart rate was only about 24 at the end. So that is definitely toward the low end. My weight dropped from 77.1 to 75.8, which was a total of 1.3 kg during this run. That is a decent result in the winter months here in Denmark.

75.8 would have been a fantastic finishing weight for the night. But I was still hungry and needed to eat one more meal. I ate 4 small pieces of pizza and a beef meatball that was 100 grams. That didn’t seem like too much food. But when adding water for rehydration, I rose back up to 76.7 kg. Since a lot of that was water, it’s probably not as bad as it seems. But I didn’t expect to be quite that much. At any rate, I’ll drop a lot tomorrow when running for 2 hours before the party.

The unexpected increase from that last meal ended up hurting me. I came in at 76.0 kg. So while I didn’t gain weight, I did not lose any, either. It was a break-even day. This is pretty disappointing since a good day on this Day 96 would have set me up well for my 2-hour run before the party. Nonetheless, I have learned over time to never complain about a break-even day and actually to never get upset over a single day’s results. So it’s just time to be happy that I am still close to the maintenance-mode starting weight of 75.0. Overall, I continue to achieve that maintenance goal.

The takeaway today is that I did not effectively track my diet for the last meal. This should have been an easy day for at losing a little weight. But I simply overate on the last meal. And that’s probably the worst meal to overeat cause there is not enough time to make it up when you have already exercised. Tracking more closely could have resulted in weight loss today instead of just breaking even. In this case, measuring the actual weight of the food would have worked.

Nice Reversal And Weight Loss After Gaining Weight The Past 2 Days

Day 95

Starting Weight: 76.2 kg
Ending Weight: 76.0 kg

It is now Thursday, December 22, 2016. This is Day 95 of my Pentamize maintenance mode blog. So I am now in my 4th month.

I overate a little bit yesterday, which was a likely factor in gaining .2 kg on the day. Since that is the 2nd day in a row of gaining weight when I have been trying to get back down to 75.0 before Christmas Eve, I am in a disappointing losing streak.

There are 3 more days to try to get down or at least close to 75.0. So it is still possible to reach that short-term goal.

Unfortunately, I have been eating too much so far today. It’s 5 in the afternoon, and my weight has risen to 77.2 kg. Actually, that weight gain is pretty normal. It’s only about 2.5 pounds. So as long as I don’t eat anymore except maybe a small amount after running, I could still be okay.

My workout schedule is a little different today. I have been watching my daughter and was not able to run in the afternoon. So my running time will be at night.

At 7, I was still at only about 77.3 kg. That is very good when considering I have not exercised yet. A 90-minute run usually takes off over 1 kg. So this is looking pretty good as long as I don’t eat anything after my running session. It’s going to be very late. So I can just go to sleep after getting back.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned. It started to rain, so I shortened the run to one hour instead of the expected 90 minutes. However, I did still lose about .8 kg, down to 76.5 from about 77.3. I also ate a small amount of food after the run. But I also went to the bathroom. So my weight was still about 76.5 after eating.

As is often in maintenance mode, I didn’t really lose that much weight overnight. Sometimes, you might lose 2 pounds while sleeping, provided that you go to the bathroom before you weigh yourself. And I did have quite a few of those days in full weight-loss mode. However, the average weight lost while sleeping seems to have decreased for me after entering maintenance mode. This is likely a natural result of the fact that I am not significantly overweight anymore. At any rate, I did lose about .5 kg while sleeping. And this resulted in a weight loss today of .2 kg.

I now have a Friday evening run and a Saturday morning or afternoon jog to complete before the Christmas party, which will include a lot of food and drink. Since I am 76.0 and wanted to reach about 75.0 before the party, that goal appears a little bit out of reach. But as long as I lose any additional amount, that is a partial victory. So I am in decent spirits here. After the holidays, though, I’ll need to get myself around 75.0 kg again. If I gain 3 or 4 pounds before then, that’s not so bad.

75M and -.4 kg
90M and -.3 kg
90M and -.1 kg
90M and +.1 kg
60M and +.2 kg
60M and -.2 kg
total 4508 and -4.5 kg
averages of 69.35 min jogging and -.069 kg in 65 days

Gained Weight Second Day In a Row – Day 94

Day 94

76.0 was my starting weight today. I ended at 76.2 kg, showing .2 kg in weight gain. Yesterday was just a slight step backwards in this recovery session, with a .1 kg gain. However, I have reduced from my maintenance-mode high of 76.7 down to the current 76.0. That is .7 kg in 4 days. I did do better than that on average in full weight-loss mode. But that is when I had a lot of weight to lose. Since starting maintenance mode, the average weight loss on the average day is much lower since I already lost the bulk of my extra weight (down from 233 pounds).

I had a one-hour run today. The session started at 76.6 kg, and the decrease during the run was .9 kg, down to 75.7. That is pretty good for this cold winter in Denmark. It was 6 degrees Celsius today, but the wind was blowing hard, making it seem like it was freezing.

I ended up being 77.0 after all meals. That is .3 kg more than yesterday. It’s not clear to me exactly why I rose that much. But I drank quite a bit of water and had a large pear that may have raised my weight more than expected. We’ll have to see how this works out. Anyway, I am doing some long runs the next 3 days. So there is still time to lose some more before the cheat day on Christmas Eve.

Well, that did not end well, but it could have been a lot worse. I actually weighed in at 76.2 kg. That is a pretty good weight loss overnight of .8 kg. Based on my tracking, that is a little better than average even if I were in full weight-loss mode. So it’s even better in my current Pentamize maintenance mode.

Nonetheless, I had gone up so much after the last meal that my weight still increased by .2 kg. So that’s the second day of weight gain in a row.

Since starting my recovery period, I have lost 3 days in a row and then gained 2 days in a row. Overall, this is my toughest period during maintenance mode. I should really be doing better than this since the goal was to get at least close to 75.0 before Christmas Eve. But it looks like that may be difficult. However, there are actually 3 more workouts until then since I will also work out in the morning or afternoon of December 24. So there is still a chance to at least get close to 75.0. But this is not a good time since I know my weight will go up on the 24th and 25th.

This is not terrible news. It’s just that I like to stay around 75. So that means I am approximately 2 pounds more than what I should be. 2 pounds is obviously within striking distance. So I am not overly depressed about it.

75M and -.4 kg
90M and -.3 kg
90M and -.1 kg
90M and +.1 kg
60M and +.2 kg
total 4448 and -4.3 kg
averages of 69.5 min jogging and -.067 kg in 64 days

Gained a Small Amount of Weight Today After Losing 3 Days In a Row

Day 93

Starting Weight: 75.9 kg
Ending Weight: 76.0 kg

I started this day at 75.9 kg. And my afternoon run started at 76.4 kg. That was a pretty good start as far as diet goes because it means I had only added back about a pound of food and drink by 1 in the afternoon.

The results of the 90-minute run were somewhat disappointing. From the start of 76.4, I only dropped to 75.5 despite having a pretty decent run. My heart rate was about 140 at the end. However, I immediately went to the bathroom after weighing in and dropped to 75.3. So that put me at almost exactly where I was yesterday at the same time of day.

For the rest of the day, I still need to be careful because losing weight today now totally depends on how I control my diet. And I probably have 3 small meals left. So a good result is far from certain at this point.

I didn’t track very well today and ended up at 76.7 a little before bed. That probably dropped some by the time I actually went to bed. Regardless, this is why I came up with an entire tracking system for weight loss, which is the subject of my Pentamize book. Even though I created this system, I do not follow it all the time. And that turns out to be a mistake again and again. However, I never strive for total perfection because I know I can make it the occasional bad day with more exercise and careful eating habits and tracking everything. But if I were to get lazy several times a week and fail to track, I would be in trouble.

In this case, the damage was done, and I ended at .1 kg above my official morning weigh-in. However, I had lost weight 3 days in a row. Thus, short of starving, it’s not clear that I would have lost weight, anyway. 4 days in a row of losing weight is not rare but certainly not common, either. Overall, this is just a mild disappointment. I am still doing good at recovering from the high of 76.7.

The key is to just keep on working out today (Wednesday), Thursday, Friday, and then Saturday in the daytime before Saturday’s Christmas Eve festivities.

75M and -.4 kg
90M and -.3 kg
90M and -.1 kg
90M and +.1 kg
total 4388 and -4.5 kg
averages of 69.65 min jogging and -.071 kg in 63 days