Still Going With 4 Days of Weight Loss After Christmas

Day 102

Starting Weight: 76.6 kg
Ending Weight: 76.3 kg

This is now the 4th day of my recovery period from Christmas, where I gained a ridiculous amount of weight. I rose to about 78.8 kg from a start of a little more than 75 due to Christmas Eve and Christmas gorging. But over the last 3 days, I lost about half of it back, getting down to 76.6. And I have today, tomorrow, and a daytime run on New Year’s Eve before the next and final holiday party for me. It looks like I have hope of getting down to the 75 range by then. I don’t mean it’s possible to reach 75.0 without starving, which is not something I ever really do. But the goal is to at least get under 76.0 before that party.

My weight at the beginning of the run was 77.6 kg. I did not lose as much today as I did yesterday. Instead, I lost only 1.0 kg, going down to 76.6 kg. And I ran even earlier than yesterday. However, I was 77.0 after yesterday’s run and going to the bathroom right after that. Thus, I am .4 kg ahead of yesterday’s pace so far, keeping in mind that I did finish the run at an earlier time.

For the rest of the day, the plan is to not eat too much. I’d say about .4 kg of food is a good amount, but not more than .5 kg. I am not going to actually weigh the food. The idea is to just estimate it. But hardcore tracking, such as actually weighing food, is certainly not a bad idea for someone who likes that sort of thing. It gives the best control over your weight loss or maintenance.

I rose to 77.1 kg and then had a 3-hour nap. During that time, I dropped back down to 76.6 kg. That was an excellent swing back down. I was still hungry and had a little bit of food, including some meatballs, one small piece of bread, and an apple. That put me at 77.0 kg. It’s an excellent weight for likely losing weight by the time of my weigh-in in the morning.

While it’s not easy to lose weight 4 days in a row, it seems like I am about to do that. We’ll see if I can lose 5 days in a row tomorrow. However, because of the party on the 31st, there will be no way for me to go for 6 days in a row because I will gain all the weight from the party. The next morning’s weigh-in (January 1) will definitely show a big weight gain.

90M and broke even
120M and gained 1.4 kg (cheat day)
120M and -.6 kg
90M and -1.3 kg
90M and -.3 kg
90M and -.3 kg
total 5108 and -5.6 kg
averages of 71.94 min jogging and -.079 kg in 71 days

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