Huge Weight Loss Of 1.3 KG On One Post-Christmas Recovery Day

Starting Weight: 78.2 kg
Final Weight: 76.9 kg

I am now on Day 100 of this Pentamize weight maintenance blog. Since my starting weight at the very beginning was 75.0 kg, I am a little over. However, that needs to be put into perspective. I am in a recovery period after Christmas, where I cheated big time. So I am not really feeling bad about being a little over the starting mark. I am still maintaining within a reasonable range and in the process of getting back to the 75 kg range.

Since I will be running every day up to and including December 31, it was a good day to have a good workout, but without pushing it for 2 hours. There is time to lose weight without killing myself here. So I decided to run 90 minutes. I had solid results this time, losing about 1.3 kg. My weight dropped from about 78.2 to 76.9 kg. This 1.3 kg is still less than the approximate 1.5 during my full weight-loss mode. But that was mostly during the summer, where it appears that I was losing more due to a higher amount of perspiration. So that number was good.

The rest of the day worked out to be one of the best I have ever had. I did rise back up to about 78.1 after the run. However, this should be put into context. I had my second and last meal of the day after running in the evening. While my meals were somewhat bigger than usual, it was still only 2 meals.

Next, I ended sleeping a very long time – something like 11 hours. And my weight plummeted back down to 76.9 kg by morning.

Does sleeping help you lose weight? I imagine it is helpful. However, a huge drop of 1.3 kg on the day and about 1.2 kg while sleeping is so much higher than usual that I think other factors played a role. That is a huge drop. I did notice that I urinated a large amount during my sleep time (got up, went to the bathroom, and went back to bed). As to why I did this, that is not clear. But it appears to have been a factor in the large weight drop. More sleep than usual may have enhanced that result. However, I doubt that was the only factor and possibly was not even the major factor.

Over the past 2 days, I have dropped 1.9 kg, which is about 4 pounds. Just off the top of my head, that might be the best overall result over 2 days that I have ever tracked. Mind you that I am doing what athletes do with the extreme weight cutting. This is just my normal routine, with a decent diet and long jogging sessions. So 4 pounds over 2 days is a huge drop in this situation. I suspect that this is a readjustment period from the excessive overeating on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Sometimes, I notice a large weight loss over a short period of time after a cheat day. And in this case, there were 2 cheat days in a row. At any rate, I don’t worry too much when I lose weight except to keep doing the same thing.

The time to worry is when you gain weight. And the answer to that is usually pretty clear – too much overeating, not enough exercise, or both. It’s really pretty simple when you look at the Big Picture. What is sometimes difficult to do is to map out a plan to avoid these problems. My Pentamize Weight Loss System ebook can show you how I did it. You can purchase it from the home page.

90M and -.1 kg
90M and +.1 kg
60M and +.2 kg
60M and -.2 kg
90M and broke even
120M and gained 1.4 kg (cheat day)
120M and -.6 kg
90M and -1.3 kg
total 4928 and -5.0 kg
averages of 71.42 min jogging and -.072 kg in 69 days

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