Lost .6 KG Of Weight On First Recovery Day After Christmas

Day 99

My starting weight on this first recovery day after Christmas was 78.8 kg. My final weight was 78.2 kg. That is a loss of .6 kg, which is a big number. So this is a good beginning to this recovery period.

I did a 2-hour run to try to get a good start on this recovery period. It was cold and windy and raining some, too. My heart rate was about 120 at the end. The weight lost during this 2-hour jog was less than expected. I dropped only 1.1 kg, going down to 77.8 kg. However, I went to the bathroom right after that and dropped down to 77.6.

Before the 3 p.m. run, I ate only a small amount and was 78.9 at the start of the run. That is a very good start, and this is probably because I ate mostly meat. One thing I discovered in Pentamize full weight-loss mode is that I can eat quite a bit of meat and not gain much weight. However, this doesn’t mean eating a pound of beef every day, which is probably too much for most people. But half a pound or so was good for me, and I lost almost 70 pounds. I am not recommending red meat or any other food. You can go to a nutritionist if you want specific advice for that. My point is that I do eat quite a bit of meat, and a lot of it is red meat. And I lost a whole bunch of weight doing it. To get more Pentamize diet tips, purchase my book from the home page. I also tell you everything else that I ate on a regular basis and how I changed my diet to lose weight.

The rest of the day, I will need to exercise decent diet discipline to lose weight on this first recovery day after the big cheat days on Christmas Eve and Christmas. There are still temptations in the house and a little too much food left over. But I will have to control myself if I am going to lose weight today.

To be honest, I ended up cheating a little by eating some chips and drinking about 6 ounces of coke. Nonetheless, it was only a little cheating. And I still ended up losing .6 kg today. It would be smart to cut out the cheating on Day 99 to keep this recovery going well.

90M and -.1 kg
90M and +.1 kg
60M and +.2 kg
60M and -.2 kg
90M and broke even
120M and gained 1.4 kg (cheat day)
120M and -.6 kg
total 4838 and -3.7 kg
averages of 71.15 min jogging and -.054 kg in 68 days

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